Washington Lawmakers Spar Over Appropriate COVID-19 Bills

"President Trump, Vice President Pence, a" (Public Domain) by The White House

As mass hysteria and panic over coronavirus run rampant, lawmakers in Washington are attempting to pass appropriate legislation. As both sides assert their interest in protecting Americans from COVID-19, Republicans and Democrats have some strong disagreements over how to best achieve this end.

On Wednesday night, President Trump addressed the nation and affirmed that his administration is taking action against coronavirus. The president also cited a provisional, 30-day ban on travel to and from the European Union. As Vice President Mike Pence continues to head the coronavirus task force, the Trump administration is encouraging Americans to practice good hygiene.

President Trump Addresses the Nation by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Addresses the Nation” (Public Domain) by The White House

To the surprise of virtually no one, Democrats are attacking Trump’s measures against coronavirus, citing them as not good enough. Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans are not on board with Democrats’ proposed Families First Coronavirus Response Act, reports Breitbart News.

Reviewing the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

In order to combat coronavirus, Democrats in Washington have put forth the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Under this Act, “free” coronavirus testing is permitted along with the enlargement of unemployment benefits, subsidized lunches for schoolchildren, and paid employee medical leave.

Republicans aren’t on board with it, though. GOP Leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have branded the Democrat-backed legislation as “unworkable” and “off-base.” Conservative opposition to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act furthermore maintains that the legislation fails to address the immediate concerns of Americans impacted by COVID-19.

How are Americans Dealing with COVID-19?

At this time, the American public is experiencing collective shock and panic over coronavirus. As the leftist mainstream media provides great amounts of coverage over quarantines and tragic coronavirus deaths, there is significantly less press noting recoveries from COVID-19. Suffice it to say, the inaccurate and imbalanced reports over coronavirus are only contributing to mass hysteria.

President Trump in Tennessee by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump in Tennessee” (Public Domain) by The White House

Americans are advised to stay home when feeling sick and practice good hygiene in order to prevent coronavirus. As work to combat COVID-19 remains underway, school districts, college campuses, festivals, and various public events are experiencing cancellations.

Do you or others around you have firsthand experience with coronavirus? What preventative measures are you taking to shield yourself from COVID-19? Let us know in the comments section below!