WATCH: Arizona’s New Governor Causes Controversy By Laughing During Oath

Arizona’s new Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs took the oath of office for her new job on January 2. However, something controversial happened.

Instead of just saying the words and taking the process seriously, Hobbs started laughing when asked about her loyalty to the US Constitution.

Her opponent, defeated Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, was not impressed.

Lake Lambastes Hobbs

Lake was not happy at all about what happened with Hobbs laughing. She has been claiming the election in Arizona was stolen from her for several months now, ever since the Nov. 8 results rolled in.

Hobbs only beat Lake by less than 1%, which is part of why Lake says the results are not accurate. Furthermore, she says real voter fraud occurred in order to illegally hand the victory to Hobbs.

Seeing Hobbs laugh just rubbed salt in the wound, with Lake saying justice will arrive sooner or later. It’s worth remembering Lake has not conceded this race yet, nor has she indicated she will do so.

According to her, this fight will go on until she is taken seriously and the results of the election are re-litigated.

Taking the Constitution Seriously

Audiences have pointed out that Hobbs appeared to have been laughing due to her family joking around with her. Is this really the time?

More than enough Americans have died for the Constitution and the transfer of power in the republic for a Democratic social worker-turned governor to not laugh while being sworn in.

This really isn’t that hard: at least pretend to take it seriously, Katie.

Lake said Hobbs isn’t really governor and is just serving a “banana republic.” She added that eventually, justice will come and Hobbs was laughing because of the “euphoria” of a “criminal” who thinks they’ve gotten off scot-free.

While Hobbs’ defenders say she was just sharing a funny moment with her mom, critics say this wasn’t the time and that it points to how unseriously she takes her new job.

Arizona is facing an illegal immigration crisis, among many other significant challenges.

The Bottom Line

Lake’s lawsuit currently isn’t doing well; although it is fairly extensive. It includes 10 specific charges of voter fraud and illegitimacy against Hobbs, challenging her ascension to the head of the Grand Canyon state.

A Maricopa judge dismissed the suit in December, saying Lake’s team hadn’t proven that fraud may have occurred enough to merit proceeding with the case. Lake has appealed the judge’s ruling, but it remains unclear where this goes from here.

According to Lake, she won by 500,000 votes.

Officially, Lake lost by 17,000 votes, which she maintains is a fraudulent result of massive vote fraud against her by Democrat and establishment officials who are against Donald Trump and the America First movement.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.