Watch: Trump Insults Ron DeSantis at Big Rally

The two main competitors for leadership of the conservative movement are Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Both of them have huge name recognition and millions of loyal supporters.

Trump has more backing than DeSantis, but things can change. Trump isn’t happy about that, so he’s decided to start going directly after DeSantis.

With the midterms two days away and Trump reportedly set to announce his 2024 presidential run on Nov. 14, things are definitely heating up.

Trump Takes Shot at Ron DeSantis, Giving Him Mocking New Nickname

One of Trump’s top talents is trolling. He partly built his brand in wrestling, where Trump played various roles and took part in the ongoing soap opera stories of the WWE and more.

A big part of that is dropping ridiculous, but memorable, nicknames on opponents and “bad guys,” partly based on the actual sound of their names and on qualities about them that supposedly make them mockable.

Trump has now given a nickname to Ron DeSantis, calling him “DeSanctimonious.” Trump casually dropped the new nickname while reading off a poll where he massively outshines DeSantis and other competitors like Mike Pence.

The 2024 race isn’t official yet; we’re still waiting on midterm results, but at this point, it’s already more or less a preview of what’s to come.

In other words: name calling, poll boasting, and gathering up different sets of donors and allies to try to leave your opponent behind in the dust.

This is Just Silly

Love him or hate him, Trump’s behavior here is just silly. It’s well known he likes to hit first and hit hard, but this is way too early to already be trying to take down opponents.

The presidential race hasn’t even started; some random poll Trump decided to read off doesn’t prove anything except that he’s starting to already get worried.

If he’s got a solid reelection plan and can outsmart and outshine DeSantis, then Trump can win. So why’s he so worried about the Florida governor to already be dropping enemy nicknames on him?

To be honest, this moment was hilarious, but it also looked kind of weak.

Why This Nickname?

The idea behind this nickname is obvious and relates to DeSantis’ personality. Some believe the Florida governor made a clear effort to be more like Trump, copying his gestures, insults, and style on the campaign trail.

However, it’s still crystal clear to see DeSantis is a bit more of a straightlaced guy. In other words, DeSantis isn’t just politically conservative, he also has a conservative personality.

Trump is mocking the governor’s more polite, reserved personality by basically saying he’s a self-righteous blowhard.

“DeSanctimonious” is supposed to make DeSantis look weak and stuffy. Yet, it just ends up making Trump look desperate.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.