Well Over Half of the Democrat Party Doesn’t Want Biden to Run in 2024

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A recent survey among Democrats showed neither the voters nor the party members are willing to have Biden on the 2024 presidential ballot, with the majority claiming they would prefer a younger candidate instead.

The poll, conducted by ABC News found over 55% of Democrats would rather have someone else run for president during the next election; whereas less than 35% actually believe Biden is the best pick the Democrat Party has at the moment.

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Biden’s support falls off within the Democrat Party, bottoming out below 50%

In less than two years of his presidency, Biden’s approval rating has fallen to record lows. While the GOP is also split on whether they should have former President Trump run in 2024 as well, third parties have rarely done well.

As for the Republicans, it’s a 47-46 split on Trump’s presidential run. This is a 20-point drop compared to his 2020 nomination.

While he’s certainly unpopular among some of the GOP members, Trump’s charisma and stage presence could help him outshine Biden in any hypothetical presidential run. This is exactly why the Democrats aren’t too keen on having Biden run again.

Many Democratic figures are aware Biden’s 2020 victory was nothing but a stroke of luck. With his poor performance as commander-in-chief of this nation, it’s clear that both parties can offer better candidates for the 2024 election.

Republicans take the lead in midterm election polls

Additionally, the low amount of support for Biden in these polls is bound to have a negative impact on the upcoming midterm elections in November. These were already looking like a clean sweep for the Republicans.

A large number of Trump endorsees have managed to take the lead in some crucial House matchups, signaling the GOP may be able to take the majority vote this time around, effectively taking back Congress.

Several polls are showing if the congressional elections were to be held today, 44% of US voters would vote for a Republican candidate, with only 42% opting for a Democrat candidate.

This is a drastic drop compared to the lead Republicans had a month ago.

When polled on what they think about the current administration, 84% of Americans claimed the current state of the economy to be the most pressing matter, with education, crime, abortion laws, and immigration trailing behind.

However, compared to the Democrats, the GOP is taking a lead in handling crime. They’re holding a 14-point lead when it comes to addressing the issue and a 16-point lead in the economy category.

Biden’s dismissal of inflation last year is what brought us this economic crisis. Had it not been for the White House’s redefining of the word “recession,” we’d be well on our way to one in the upcoming year.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.