What’s Behind the Growing Colorado Crime Spree?

Colorado is more or less a purple state. While it leans left in many respects, it also has a strong libertarian and conservative streak. This is especially true in some parts of the state.

Colorado became well known for legalizing cannabis, which had disastrous mental health results in the state and has not served to bring down crime and violence.

In Democrat-run Denver and elsewhere across the state, crime is spiraling out of control. Here’s why…

Colorado’s Crime Crisis

Colorado is in very bad shape in almost all its major cities. Denver, run by Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock, is just one example. Part of why this hasn’t been as widely reported, however, is Denver actually bulked up its police funding.

This comes after the BLM protests and pushes to “defund” the police, which led to many resignations. Whereas now the police are back in full force and the crime is still up. It’s hard to exaggerate just how bad things are.

In fact, Colorado experienced a 10% rise in violent crime just in the past year and had a shocking 8% rise in property crime. Crime in the state drained the state of over $27 billion in productivity and wealth.

The portrait of violent crime is even worse. In the past decade, homicide has increased in Colorado by 106%. Assault has increased by 40%, car stealing has gone up by 135%, and rape has jumped by 9%.

These are horrific numbers for anyone hoping to live in a safe and prosperous state.

Why Is Crime Spiking in Colorado?

This past spring in May, Colorado’s statehouse tried to face the growing crime wave by putting $30 million towards bulking up police funding in any departments across the state that needed it.

Even while people were protesting with BLM flags to kneecap the police, Colorado has tried to deal with it and recruit and train new officers.

Though the truth is a lot of the damage from the 2020 anti-police movement is still just starting to be truly felt.

Many officers quit, feeling the danger and bullying they were subjected to was not worth it.

Criminals seized the opportunity to jump into the void created by the ridiculous social justice movement and they’re still surging today, especially in cities like Denver and Boulder.

Increasing the police funding as the statehouse did in May is actually the right move; it’s just that it can’t fix everything overnight.

This will take time and dedication to start turning things around. It will require letting criminal gangs and individuals know the sheriff is back in town and he’s not playing around anymore.

The Bottom Line

Colorado is in the middle of a crime crisis. No matter how much the liberal media tries to deny it, the state’s major cities are not a safe place to be.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.