Whistleblower Drops Major Bombshell About the Biden Family

The Biden family has been implicated in major crime for quite some time. Hunter Biden’s laptop proved that his father did, in fact, have a role in his international business deals, despite claims to the contrary.

Likewise, the laptop also revealed that Hunter regularly threw around his father’s name to curry favor with various power players in other countries.

Since these revelations, the House Oversight Committee furthermore determined that at least six more Biden relatives benefited from the family’s corruption.

Now, yet another whistleblower is coming forward, this time with more bombshells about the Biden family, according to Fox News.

The Latest News From the Whistleblower

For quite some time, Hunter Biden has been under investigation for alleged tax crimes and other offenses. This is an investigation largely fueled by the infamous laptop that caught mainstream attention during the 2020 presidential election.

However, according to a whistleblower believed to have knowledge of this probe, the Biden administration is said to be intentionally running interference. From the moment the probe into Hunter began, there were questions about whether the president would use his reach to influence the outcome.

Now, Americans are privy to the whistleblower claiming that even US Attorney General Merrick Garland is involved in apparently throwing the investigation into Biden’s son.

This whistleblower also has heightened credibility, due to their work within the IRS. This position alone would give them more access to what’s going on than most people within the general public would have.

The Plot Thickens

On social media, there are calls for Joe Biden’s impeachment and other measures that would hold him accountable for breaking the law. After all, it’s already been discovered that the president had classified records in his possession going back years.

If the whistleblower’s claims check out, then this will simply be yet another instance of corruption tied to the Biden administration and family. Where this all leads going forward remains to be seen.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.