White House Agrees to Further Assist Ukraine

The war in Ukraine began back in February after Russian President Putin decided to attack the smaller, neighboring country.

Putin’s made all sorts of false, wild-eyed claims about Ukraine being a harbor for Nazis and persecution of innocent Russians.

In actuality though, Putin believes Ukraine ought to be his for the taking and doesn’t care about how many lives he has to ruin and snuff out in order to get his way.

Furthermore, the Russian autocratic president anticipated the war would only last a few days. Yet, thanks to western countries coming to Ukraine’s aid, the nation has been able to fight back against Russia and potentially win this war later down the line.

Now, breaking news from MSN reveals that the Biden administration is going to be sending even more assistance to Ukraine on America’s behalf.

What Americans Need to Know

On Tuesday, a White House aide confirmed Ukraine will be receiving the Patriot missile system. This is a tool regarded as the most elite air defense weapon.

It’s also been confirmed that the Patriot missile system will be provided to Ukraine along with a weapons package worth $2 billion. Biden is expected to formally share this announcement later today upon Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky making a visit to the White House.

Due to the magnitude of the Patriot defense missile, it’s not expected to make it to Ukraine until well into spring 2023. However, it will certainly go a long way toward helping the nation fight back against Russian aggression.

Lately, Putin’s been attacking Ukraine with various air strikes as a means of breaking down the nation’s defenses. As the war continues to not go in Russia’s favor, there are concerns that Putin could resort to using nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

If the Russian president goes down this route, it will have deeply serious repercussions.

No Limit on Aid?

Some Republican lawmakers and other officials have sounded the alarm about continuing to send over aid to Ukraine as America faces domestic challenges already.

There are also concerns that the United States military is not where it needs to be, both in terms of recruitment levels and weaponry.

Nevertheless, Biden previously went on record saying that aid to Ukraine will persist for as long as it’s necessary. Despite pushback from certain GOP members, there are others who have expressed support for sending aid over to Ukraine.

Elected officials of this mindset believe aiding Ukraine in the war today will prevent Russia (and other nations) from committing greater atrocities later that would adversely impact America.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s decision to send the Patriot defense missile over to Ukraine? Let us know in the comments area if you believe this is a good or poor idea.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.