White House in Panic After Latest Biden Mistake

The White House supported President Biden on Thursday when he said the November 2022 midterms “may easily be fraudulent.”

The backtrack

“Let’s be clear: President Biden was not casting aspersions on the upcoming midterms’ credibility in 2022. In the face of an epidemic, a record amount of voters went out in 2020.”

“Poll workers made sure they were able to vote and have their votes tallied,” according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“Biden was saying if nations do what Trump started asking them to do after the 2020 presidential election, toss out ballot papers and repeal results after the fact, the outcomes would be invalid.”

“The Big Lie is jeopardizing our republic. We’re working to safeguard it,” Psaki said, using a word popular among Democrats that tries to link fears of election fraud in 2020 to Nazi ideology.

Biden said the 2022 midterm elections “easily may be fraudulent” in a lengthy media briefing the day before.

“I’m not going to have to say it’ll be genuine. The increase in the likelihood of it being illegitimate is directly proportional to our inability to pass these reforms,” Biden added.

Several Democrats in Congress, including Biden, support bills to federalize elections, stating they are necessary, in light of state legislation tightening election security, which Democrats claim is obstructing voting access.

The House passed a measure that packaged the bills. However, a unanimous vote in the Senate on Wednesday prevented an attempt to lower the voting barrier from 60 to 50.

This would have allowed the bill to succeed in the upper chamber. Democrats, according to Biden, will not give up the fight.

The government’s claims were slammed by Republicans

“President Biden claimed the 2022 elections will be invalid unless Congress prohibits photo ID voting requirements, permits ballot harvesting, along with paying the Democrat Party with public monies.”

GOP Rep. Mike Johnson, the House Republican caucus vice chair, commented, “Some may call that a Big Lie.”

“What Biden is suggesting about the 2022 midterm races, in an attempt to erode trust in its authenticity, is exactly what he did during the 2020 presidential election.”

“During this time, Biden chose to cast some doubt on vaccinations in research. Let’s see if he gets a pass this time like he did the very first time,” Tim Murtaugh, former President Trump’s 2020 election political director, remarked.

Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn, the leftist House whip, closely followed Biden on Friday. He told CNN if the elections bills are not approved, he is “very concerned” about the election’s legality.

When faced with Biden’s assertions during morning talk showings, Vice President Kamala Harris declined to specifically address them.

However, Harris said it was critical to pass legislation because “states have enacted bills that are purposefully making it difficult for the American citizens to vote.”