White House Sued Over Claims They Were Censoring Opposing Views

"The White House" by Radek Kucharski

President Joe Biden has been known for trying to tamper with right-leaning social media posts. Although this time, he was actually caught with his pants down, as there’s a lawsuit headed straight for the White House and it’s got his name on it.

Apparently, the Biden administration was instructing social media censors to suppress any COVID-19 info that wasn’t Democrat-approved; it’s only a matter of time before other censorship is also revealed.

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White House sprinkles some fascism into social media

The non-profit group behind the lawsuit, NCLA, had their clients repeatedly censored for their views that didn’t align with the government-mandated perspective on overly oppressive COVID-19 restrictions.

In their lawsuit, NCLA argues the targeted censorship is merely part of a lengthy campaign orchestrated by Democrats to silence voices from different perspectives, as made evident by the extensive amount of leaked e-mails.

The e-mails contained threats directly from government officials to any social media platform that refused to do their bidding. This also holds true for e-mails directed at the same social media companies by the CDC and the DHS.

Over the past year, there have been dozens of reports of Biden putting pressure on social media, most notably Facebook, to censor content the left classifies as “misinformation.”

Although their definition of the word has slowly morphed into “anything we disagree with” over the years.

Joe works with Zuckerberg to silence YOU

What’s more, it’s not like the White House was trying to hide its actions. Only last year, former press secretary Jen Psaki announced the White House will be working together with Facebook to remove specific “dangerous” social media accounts.

A little under a year later, things haven’t changed.

Earlier this March, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy demanded that Facebook suppress any opposing viewpoints on the pandemic, also requesting a detailed report on how many Americans had been exposed to this “misinformation.”

If the lawsuit doesn’t flop, the Biden administration will have been found guilty on dozens of accounts of semi-fascism, due to abusing their power to silence the voices of those opposing the Democratic narrative.

Additionally, the First Amendment is still a thing.

No American should be denied their right to free speech, especially in a time when the Biden administration was also found to have spread false information on the virus and preventive measures that came along with it.

The censorship attempts are nothing more than blatant governmental overreach; they need to be exposed as much as possible before Biden’s cleanup squad shows up.┬áThe left normalized “canceling” just about anything that doesn’t align with their views.

While you may not hear much about this lawsuit from liberal media, the fact still remains that “progressive” leadership of this country attempted what is probably the least progressive thing one can do.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.