White House Trying to Devalue Biden’s 80th Jubilee to Preempt ‘Old Age’ Attacks

The White House staff of President Joe “Senior Moment” Biden is deliberately trying to disparage his upcoming 80th birthday.

This comes in a desperate bid to shield the incessantly blundering elderly president from Republican criticism over his seeming senility, problematic cognitive abilities, and very advanced age.

Senior Moments Intensifying as 80th Birthday Comes

Joe Biden has turned into a real blunder machine in the 20.5 months of his own presidency so far.

Sleepy Joe’s countless utterly embarrassing and humiliating moments – which are painful to watch for any decent American out there – have been viewed with sheer dismay by people around the globe.

Empty Shelves Joe is going to celebrate his 80th birthday on November 20, 2022, less than two weeks after this year’s midterm election.

Rather than organizing something big for Biden’s jubilee, however, the White House seems scared the age-turning milestone is going to make Biden even more exposed to fair-minded criticism about the unenviable combination of his age and possibly declining cognitive abilities.

No Obama-Style ‘Blowout Bashes’ for Sleepy Joe Biden

A report by Politico cited by The Daily Mail just emphasized the White House deliberately has “no plans” whatsoever “for a blowout bash.”

Biden’s 80th birthday will thus be nothing that could come even close to the kind of birthday party that Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, threw when he turned 50 while in office.

It also won’t even come close to the 60th birthday bash last year that Obama ended up throwing. This outraged America as hundreds of guests in his lavish Martha’s Vineyard mansion arrived right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of throwing a big White House party, according to Politico’s sources, Sleepy Joe is going to “simply focus on the work” that he has to be doing as president of the United States.

One of Biden’s latest major public gaffes – though for certain not his most embarrassing ever, as there is a giant pool of cases to pick from – came at the end of last month.

This is when he started looking for late Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski – after a month-and-a-half earlier, he issued a special statement to mourn her death in a car accident.

To make the matter worse for Sleepy Joe and his entire administration, his White House staffers appear to be increasingly unable to cover up his blunders.

That development has been underscored by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s inadequate and even angry reactions as she was trying to explain the gaffe.

The best Jean-Pierre could come up with was constantly repeating the phrase that Biden had Walorski “top of mind.” Therefore, he started looking for her in the crowd, even though he had been made aware of her death just weeks earlier.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.