White House Under Fire for Questionable Treatment of Migrant Kids at Southern Border

"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris" (Public Domain) by US Department of State

In multiple regards, the Biden administration continues to lie to the American public. These lies center around policies, the extent of the Democrat agenda, a so-called interest in bipartisanship and transparency, etc.

However, the lie about the situation at the nation’s Southern border continues to haunt this White House. President Biden and other officials within the Biden administration are intentionally downplaying the series of crises at the border; however, the American people are able to see these falsehoods for what they are.

“Joe Biden” (Public Domain) by US Department of State

Interestingly enough, Republicans and conservatives are not the only critics of the Biden administration’s handling of the Southern border crises. Townhall reports that even leftists and Democrats are beginning to demand real answers from the Biden White House.

Holding the White House Accountable

Many Americans are eager for the White House to start being honest about what is going on at the Southern border. This means acknowledging the current crises, rather than deflecting from them; it also means that the Biden administration needs to come up with solutions, even if those solutions entail re-implementing Trump-era border policies.

Yesterday, Jen Psaki, the current press secretary, faced questions from a leftist reporter about migrant children at the border going days without sunlight, sleeping on floors, and going hungry.

When asked about how this treatment could possibly be deemed as acceptable, Psaki claimed that the current president is working against the “dismantled and unprepared” systems from the Trump administration.

However, the reporter pushed back, following up with questions about why the Biden administration hasn’t “outlawed” the currently poor treatment conditions of migrant kids at the Southern border.

Restoring Commonsense Immigration Policies

As time passes, the failure of the Biden administration’s approach to immigration is not working.

The 46th president campaigned on open borders, mass amnesty for all, no more deportations, etc., but it’s very clear that Biden’s arrival in the White House has worsened the border situation.

This isn’t something that the White House can simply blame on the Trump administration; as a matter of fact, there is growing support for reinstating at least some of the immigration policies from Trump’s presidency.

What do you think about the White House’s management of the Southern border and their plans for solutions going forward? Do you believe this administration needs to re-enact policies from the Trump administration? Let us know in the comments section below.