Whole Foods CEO Drops Harsh Truth About Biden Regime

Entrepreneur and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is a very successful businessman, but he’s also a patriot.

He helped found the supermarket chain in the 1980s and was always been a strong supporter of working hard and the American way.

Mackey recently spoke out about the current situation in the United States, which he said has him greatly concerned.

Here’s what’s bothering him so much…

Mackey Accuses Biden Regime of Instituting Socialist Policies

According to Mackey, the current government is taking very similar measures as socialist countries, in which rulers take care of all institutions and everything is run by the government.

Mackey also warned socialists are taking over the education system, the military, and the power of many other corporations; this is just the beginning.

Mackey has never hidden his support of capitalism and says he believes in freedom and not imposing authoritarian economic systems.

He also says he feels threatened and limited by the way the Biden administration wants to control everything, including the right or not of gun ownership.

This is not to mention the numerous benefits granted by the government to unemployed Americans after the pandemic. This has affected Mackey and Whole Foods so much in hiring employees for its supermarket chain.

The sad truth is many young people are no longer concerned with working and helping with their families’ finances. They expect their parents or the government to just give them money.

Mackey Set to Retire

Mackey is going to retire at the end of this month, which is part of why he now feels free to speak his mind and let out his true emotions as a patriot.

The Biden administration encouraged a lazy, slow generation to stay at home without really worrying about investing in the economy or business incentives to improve the country’s economic environment.

I have to agree with Mackey! The principles being pushed by the Democrats are creating a wave of lazy zombies unwilling to build something and with no passion for the homeland.

That line of thinking and pattern in Democratic cities is clear, as Mackey says.

This new generation of immediate results has forgotten that to reach the top, it is necessary to climb several steps; for this, it is necessary to demonstrate a lot of willpower and dedication.

Speaking the Truth

In an interview with Reason, Mackey pulled no punches in his critiques; he also issued a warning to the United States.

He said what’s happening now is only the beginning and he is not afraid to speak truths, unlike many who are worshiping at the altar of power in the hopes it will enrich them.

Mackey’s speaking the truth. It’s time for Americans to wake up.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.