Whoopi Goldberg Falls in Her Own Trap on ‘The View,’ Rages about It

The bizarre rants on “The View” reached a new level after one of its hosts, actress Whoopi Goldberg, lashed out at conservative TV network Fox News for scrutinizing the “dumb things” she constantly utters on the air, according to a report.

Poor Whoopi! Fox Is Coming After Her

The View routinely produces bizarre, questionable, or even outrightly outrageous commentaries and statements.

Among those have been actress Whoopi Goldberg’s mind-boggling, overtly anti-Semitic claims that the Jewish Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II wasn’t about “race.”

Her rationale was that Jews didn’t seem to her like a “minority.”

While Goldberg keeps saying “stupid things” on a daily basis, in a fresh new rant, she demonstrated she is indignant about others calling her on it, a report by The Gateway Pundit points out.

In this particular case, the report emphasized how Goldberg actually “whined” over the fact that Fox News was “noticing” it.

Oh, THAT ‘Beautiful Thing about America’?!

As she left no doubts as to how infuriated she was by the conservative network’s scrutiny and exposure of the frequent nonsense that pops up on her show, Whoopi Goldberg accused Fox News of not doing “their work.”

She then went on to dwell on the “beautiful thing about America,” which, in her view, is that anyone could give his or her opinion. Goldberg went on to say several times how one’s entitled to have an opinion, regardless of whether anybody likes that or not.

The report pointed out her declaration about how everyone in the United States had the right to have an opinion and say it out loud.

It did this by stressing that it was usually Goldberg and her co-hosts on The View who had been attacking people for having opinions conflicting with their leftist ideology or just anything that they liked.

In her subsequent remarks, the leftist actress declared “we’re not anti-America,” implying that Fox News had been accusing her and her colleagues of anti-Americanism.

She insisted that in the United States, one could point out the wrongs so they could be fixed. Goldberg argued further that Fox News was supposed to be doing exactly that.

Apparently, in her twisted view, the conservative network isn’t doing it by calling out her nonsense, lack of logic, and absurd, incoherent leftist bias.

Goldberg also raged over the proposal that a House committee should be saying the Pledge of Allegiance because, in her view, Americans were already doing that anyway.

The Gateway Pundit report concludes by emphasizing that Goldberg contradicted herself during the entire segment. She and the rest of The View hosts had been preoccupied solely with inciting “hatred of Republicans” and they are furious now that people are calling them out on it.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.