Whoopi Goldberg Praises Fetterman, Supports Not Releasing Health History Until After The Election

Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host on “The View,” came to the defense of struggling Democratic candidate for the United States Senate and Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

Goldberg’s sad defense of Fetterman happened during the show’s broadcast on Thursday.  Goldberg suggested that Fetterman shouldn’t be required to disclose his health records leading up to the midterm elections in November. 

Releasing Medical Records After Election to Garner Votes

Goldberg proposed that Fetterman, who seems to struggle on the public stage after his notable stroke earlier this year, shouldn’t be obligated to deliver health records until he actually takes a position in the Senate. 

Though the purpose of Fetterman releasing health records would be trying to prove his capacity to serve in Congress, to begin with.

Goldberg began by citing a note that was apparently signed months previously and stating that the nominee had not published any other health records.

She then stated, “So Fetterman’s doctor penned a letter telling the country this is a processing problem. He has no cognitive deficits and is suitable to serve.”

“As a result, people are questioning, ‘Well, why hasn’t Fetterman done that?’ Though must he put an end to that controversy, or should folks wait for him to get better — for January — so when he takes over, he’ll take over in January, correct?” Goldberg went on to add. 

Co-host Sara Haines mentioned that Fetterman’s physician mailed the letter in June — after his stroke in May.

Not long after making this point, Haines admitted she believes simply revising the letter to demonstrate how much improvement the Pennsylvania Democrat made in the interval could be sufficient to appease some of his detractors. 

Shifting Blame Away From Fetterman’s Health Issues

Co-host Sunny Hostin then shifted the focus of her criticism to NBC’s Dasha Burns, who had interviewed Fetterman. Burns later mentioned that Fetterman relied on closed captions to deal with a persistent auditory processing impairment. 

Hostin asserted that it was “inappropriate” for Burns to state Fetterman was having difficulty comprehending even casual conversation, which prompted Goldberg to interject, “Maybe she’s awful at polite discussion, perhaps it’s her.”

Hostin continued to claim that disclosing what was said during chit-chat before the session was something reporters typically do not do.

She even suggested that the chit-chat before the official TV interview could perhaps have been off the record. Later, Hostin went on to add that she genuinely loved closed captions since it was sometimes difficult for her to comprehend different accents. 

She finished by quoting Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who stated he determined Fetterman’s troubles were purely with speech perception and the Pennsylvania Senate candidate did not seem to be having any difficulties comprehending what was being discussed. 

Many people feel differently.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.