Wiki Page For “Recession” Changed to Fit White House’s New Definition, Then Locked From Edits

"אקדמיית ויקיפדיה 2013" by Wikimedia Israel

Given how long we’ve been stuck in a rut with the inflationary pressure, one may wonder why the Biden administration didn’t just change the word’s meaning to fix the crisis.

However, it seems the looming threat of a recession was the drop that spilled the glass.

Wikipedia’s definition of the word was changed earlier this week to fit the Biden administration’s adjustments to the meaning. It has been locked out of changes ever since.

“The White House” by Radek Kucharski

Changing a word’s meaning is the solution we needed all along

The changes were originally implemented by White House staff last week as a last-minute effort to convince the general populace the recession wasn’t happening, mere days before Thursday’s economic report.

The report in question clearly showed how the US has been through two consecutive quarters of economic decline.

This would qualify us for a recession, as per the original definition, which the White House believes should be tied to unemployment, rather than economic progress.

The Wiki page for the word was clearly edited by someone in support of the questionable Biden regime, with a lock put in place to “prevent vandalism,” according to the platform.

Aside from downright supporting deceptive redefinitions of well-established terms, this also means that Wikipedia is willing to silence the voice of truth and reason for a crumble of Democratic attention.

Could recession be but a social construct?

Thursday’s report showed the gross domestic product decreased at a steep rate of 0.9% annually.

Also, despite the clear-cut signs of an economic decline, our nation’s president was adamant about claiming it’s got nothing to do with a recession.

Biden then supported his claims by twisting the words of the Fed’s Chairman Powell who originally stated we could be well on our way into a recession by the time 2023 rolls around.

As it turns out, the Fed’s attempts to soften the blow of the inflation may have overshot, given the fact that the White House had to resort to such an out-of-left-field strategy.

Oddly enough, no one actually announced the definition would be changed. Nowadays, the Biden administration is as secretive as can be about it, only informing everyone once the change had been done through a very ambiguous White House blog post.

Changing long-standing ideas and concepts to fit a newly-created narrative seems to have become the left’s go-to weapon when it comes to tackling non-issues like this one.

Just about anyone you ask will tell you the Biden administration should have just sucked it up and faced the music.

Evidently, they didn’t, and considering the number of changes being done to language by the liberals, they’re not likely to stop with just “recession” or even “woman.”

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.