Will The US Get Out Before the Deadline?

With little than a week before the August 31 deadline for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, US forces are faced with the task of evacuating Americans and friends while also evacuating themselves.

Soldiers Will Put Their Lives on the Line To Save As Many As Possible

Sources claimed that they are willing to work until the last minute before the cutoff to get out of the city and to safety and security. Meanwhile, the Taliban is vowing retaliation if they stay any later. At the same time, ISIS and al Qaeda are considering the airports a very tempting target, as per authorities.

If necessary, they will proceed to remove needed individuals until the end of the mission. At a press conference on Wednesday, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said if you’re an evacuee that they’ll get out, they’re going to keep getting you out until after the end.

However, as you might expect, they’ll endeavor to maintain as much capability as possible at the airport during the next few days. So, in the next several days, they’ll start prioritizing conventional forces and military resources for deployment.

Kirby added that this does not imply refugees will not qualify for assistance in the final days; however, some resources will have to be set aside in those final days to emphasize the military footprint departing.

As they approach closer to the finish, there will be a shift towards getting military assets out, Kirby explained. However, they will continue to work on the rescue operation until the very last day.

Most of the decision-making will take place on the ground in Afghanistan, according to Army Maj. Gen. William “Hank” Taylor. Yet, the majority of comments from the US in recent days show that the US has the authority to handle a large amount of utilization and put the right items on those planes as they arrive and depart.

How Will It All Come to an End?

One reporter expressed concern that if getting the troops out is the goal, who would be the last ones left? Also, who is there to defend them if it isn’t the Armed Forces?

It was, in fact, a very good tactical argument, according to Taylor. While Taylor did not specify how this would be accomplished, he remains confident that the soldiers on the ground were capable and equipped to do it. They would have the ability to safeguard themselves through different measures to ensure planes are ready to take off.

President Biden opted against prolonging the departure after the Taliban declared the August 31 deadline a “red line,” vowing retaliation if the US stayed any longer. Leaders of both parties also expressed worries about the United States’ ability to remove everyone before the August 31 deadline.