With All Eyes on Russia, the True Threat Has Its Eyes on Us

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr cautioned China is the “greatest threat” to the US, claiming Beijing has a “very ambitious plan” to seize control of “important” future technology.

China is Here to Stay

Barr said the Chinese will remain to be “a major challenge” for the US in an interview with Fox News Channel about his forthcoming book, “One Damn Thing After The Other.”

In this book, the former attorney general highlights long-term homeland security challenges confronting the US.

Barr told Fox News the Biden government should put an “emphasis on the reality it has been that stewardship which made us so affluent.”

Barr believes there needs to be more of a spotlight put on the reality that “created all of the opportunities for future decades and provided for our security” in its efforts to resist the threat China offers.

China already is “trying to seize the moral high ground on a lot of that, via secret thefts,” according to Barr.

“They are really capable and industrious people,” Barr added. “Going forward, it’ll be a major issue for us.”

Barr started his career as an analyst inside the Intelligence Community. He established a goal for himself of becoming a “specialist on China” at an early age.

He worked as attorney general under Trump, as well as George H.W. Bush. Barr said in his autobiography he had a “sense of purpose and direction” throughout his life.

Barr informed a college guidance counselor as a high schooler at Horace Mann in New York City that his professional objective was to become the head of the CIA.

Barr Knows His Stuff

Barr writes in his memoir he aspired to a “career in intelligence,” and his approach was to “become an interesting candidate by becoming an authority on China.”

Barr writes in his memoir, “My concentration on China was, again, entirely pragmatic. As a subject of academic research, China had no real appeal to me.”

Barr claimed he concluded, “Russian expertise were plenty” because “Russia had traditionally been the United States’ major opponent,” and China was “the danger of the future.”

The intel agencies released their annual danger estimate for 2022 this week, including external issues such as Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and others.

The intel agencies predicted the US and its allies would face an “increasingly complex and interrelated global security climate.”

This would be marked by the rising specter of great power competing groups, while collaborative, multinational dangers to all countries and actors start competing for our attention and finite resources.”

China is becoming a “near-peer rival, pushing the United States in various sectors — especially economically, physically, and technologically.”

“China is seeking to modify global standards while potentially endangering its neighbors,” according to the report.