With All the Walker Drama, What’s the Republican Plan to Win the Senate?

With the midterms only a month away, pressure is growing for both parties. Gaining control of the Senate is a priority for the Republican Party, but problems have cropped up.

For one thing, what formerly looked like an easy red wave is increasingly blue. For another thing, situations like the Herschel Walker scandal in Georgia are throwing big opportunities into doubt.

Despite some challenges, the Republican Party is still in a strong position and has a plan to sweep aside the left and take control of the Senate.

Here’s the Plan

With the midterms directly ahead, the Democrats are running out of steam. They were picking up some traction at the end of August, but polls show that now disappearing.

Right now the Republican Party has serious challenges, including the abortion accusation against Herschel Walker and an unsure race between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania.

Still, Joe Biden is a very unpopular president and inflation is off the charts right now at its highest in half a century. Things are not looking good for the Democrats.

What’s even more promising for the GOP here is they just have to get plus one seat in the Senate in order to secure the crucial advantage that will give them power over legislative debate and Biden’s judicial appointments in the coming years of his term.

The Democrats have zero room for any missteps or lost seats right now and the GOP can seize on that opportunity as they also ride a likely red wave to taking the House.

A Realistic Outlook

It’s not clear whether or not the GOP will ultimately control Congress at this point. Democrat dollars are flowing like the Rio Grande.

What we can say is if Republicans can take Pennsylvania, Georgia, or another state, they can gain control. New Hampshire, Arizona, and Nevada are also good opportunities to take the Democrats down, although those races remain fairly unsure.

Democrats are doing their best to take down Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, including shocking stories about experiments he did and products he promoted which weren’t high quality.

Nonetheless, the advantage overall at this point has to go to the GOP. The Democrats are simply not experiencing the kind of leadership or grassroots enthusiasm that leads to election victories.

If they do manage to eke out a victory, it’s going to be by a very small margin. With a month left, the chance of voters continuing to turn more against Biden and more towards the Republicans in Senate races continues to grow.

The Bottom Line

Things are going to be tough for the next few weeks. Though with enthusiasm and a clear focus, the Republican Party can do its best to keep the Senate away from the Democrats.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.