Woke County Simply Stops Prosecuting Certain Crimes

In yet another scandalous case of wokeness destroying America’s law enforcement, public safety, and security, the attorney of leftist-dominated Loudoun County has simply decided to stop prosecuting certain types of crimes.

Wokeness Hits Another American Community with Crime-Boosting Policies

Loudoun County in the Commonwealth of Virginia has already become known nationwide with scandals.

This is stemming from the local school authorities’ brutal imposition of transgenderism in the curriculum of the county’s public schools and the repression of protesting parents.

This time, however, Marxists-Communists in positions of power in the county are taking a swing at public safety, rather than the brainwashing of youth.

Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj declared her office would no longer prosecute certain misdemeanor offenses. Biberaj’s slap in the face of the good people of Loudoun County has been made clear by a memo that she sent to local judges on December 30, 2022.

In the memo, the county Commonwealth’s Attorney states her office should concentrate on violent crimes and felonies because it was too “inundated” to do its job and also tackle misdemeanors.

Biberaj explains the offenses she would stop prosecuting include reckless driving under 90 mph, hit-and-run resulting in property damage, trespass, eluding, and being drunk in public, among others.

Her memo then adds for such offenses, her office may collaborate with law enforcement if the latter decides to prosecute them. The attorney also said her new woke policy would be implemented as of January 16, Fox News reported.

Her Defense: You, the People, Shouldn’t Have Known About It!

In a press conference on Friday, the woke Commonwealth Attorney of Loudoun County, which has a population of 420,000, seemed to backtrack somewhat on her woke pro-crime onslaught.

Biberaj claimed her memo was supposed to spur a “discussion” among the Loudoun County judges and got released prematurely. She also alleged her new policy didn’t exactly mean misdemeanor crimes would go unprosecuted, but that they would go through a changed prosecution process. 

The woke attorney raged about how people didn’t know about her pro-crime policy change because “it wasn’t” their “time to know.” 

She argued the memo was nothing but an invitation to the local judges “to have a conversation” and the changes would be discussed with the police and the defense bar. 

Biberaj’s scandalous policy change spurred a strong reaction from Jason Miyares, the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

He declared that prosecutors weren’t allowed to “cherry pick laws” that they like enforcing and other laws they would prefer to “ignore.”  He blasted Biberaj’s Marxist-Communist move as a “dangerous precedent.” 

Biberaj, however, showed herself as even more impudent, as she blasted Virginia’s top prosecutor and claimed her plan would dedicate resources to fighting significant crimes, “not speeding tickets.” 

She even attacked Miayres on Twitter, accusing him of “playing” political games of “division and misinformation,” and also urged him to “fight” for more taxpayer funding for prosecutors. 

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.