Woke Microsoft Forces Changes Upon Xbox Gamers to Fight Climate Change

One of the biggest and increasingly woke Big Tech corporations, Microsoft, forced gamers of its Xbox video game brand to power down their consoles as a way to protect the environment and “combat climate change.”

The company founded by Bill Gates is bragging about it, according to a report.

Microsoft Makes Forcible, Unilateral Changes

In a press announcement earlier this month, Microsoft announced its video gaming subsidiary Xbox was investing efforts into reducing its environmental impact.

The parent corporation is seeking to become “carbon negative,” “zero waste,” and “water positive” by 2030. To achieve that, Microsoft and its subsidiaries are changing the ways in which they develop, distribute, and use their products, the corporation added.

It made it clear that as part of those anti-climate change policies, Xbox users would find their Xbox Series X|S consoles automatically update to an energy-saving power option called “Shutdown” during the time the console is off. 

Microsoft promised the automatic update wouldn’t hurt gameplay, performance, and overnight updates. It pointed out that the Shutdown mode reduced energy use by up to 20 times, compared with a console’s Sleep mode.

The Windows OP producer also said remote features would not be supported during Shutdown; although the settings could be adjusted.

The forced automatic update to an energy savings mode for Xbox devices has caused an uproar among gamers, consumer rights advocates, and freedom-minded consumers.

It shows that companies such as Microsoft wouldn’t hesitate to use their capabilities to “force certain behaviors,” a commentary by BigLeaguePolitics pointed out.

What is worse – Microsoft is doing it because of a “woke cause” such as climate change – and, even worse, it seems to be “taking pride” and bragging about it.

New Power Grasp Promoted as ‘Virtuous Behavior’

The report stressed the change enforced by Microsoft without the consent of its Xbox video game consumers is forcing the latter to “work harder” so they could play games they bought on a device they have also paid for.

It also emphasized that a decision affecting the end user of the respective product, the Xbox gamers, was made by “corporate bigwigs” with no interest in the rights of their consumers.

In its press release, Microsoft explicitly stated the corporation held itself “accountable” for emissions from the manufacturing and distribution of its products – but it doesn’t stop there.

Instead, it also focuses on carbon emissions “created” during the use of its products which occur in “the homes of [their] fans.”

The report compares the unilateral Xbox move by Microsoft to the action by Xcel, a smart thermostat company, which last year locked out some 22,000 customers in Colorado, also for the sake of combating climate change and environmental reasons.

To top it all off, these companies have been “literally bragging about it” and promoting their new grasp for greater “control of the masses” while presenting it as “virtuous behavior.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.