Woke Protesters Tear Apart Bible, Ate Its Pages

Liberal protesters sunk to a new low.

They snatched a Bible from a man, ripped it apart, and ate its pages when a man was reading the holy book outside a conservative event in Wisconsin.

Political commentator Matt Walsh was appearing at a Wisconsin university to talk about a conservative documentary when liberal protests disrespected the Bible.

Liberal Protester Sink to New Low

Earlier this week, Young America Foundation posted a video in which multiple people were listening to the screening of an event. Conservative speaker Matt Walsh was addressing the crowd about a newly released documentary, What is a Woman?

During the event, pro-transgender protesters gathered outside the University of Wisconsin-Madison..

Meanwhile, one conservative man was reading the Bible on a loudspeaker outside the event, while one leftist protester was banging a drum near his ears. Likewise, another protester was blowing a siren next to the man reading the Bible.

The spokesperson of the Young America Foundation, Nick Baker, noted that leftists were violating the basic principles of the foundation of America when they were stopping a person from reading the Bible.

While talking about the person eating the pages of the Bible, an official of YAF, MJ Alfonso, stated this type of behavior is now a new normal in many schools and colleges.

Alfonso added this is the right time to hold every troubling person accountable who put roadblocks before the religious liberties of other people.

On his Twitter account, Walsh also posted a photo of the notice board of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The notice board called Walsh a far-right bigot while asking people to stage protests when he delivered his speech.

As per the university, every leftist person should protest in a way so conservative people realize they are not welcome in the university.

No Action Against Liberal Protesters

Despite continuous protests outside the building, Walsh delivered his speech as scheduled.

He talked about the role of biology in determining the sexual orientation of people, claiming womanhood can only be determined by biology. Apart from that, Walsh slammed liberals who promote the queer theory and gender dysphoria movements.

YAF also posted, on its Twitter account, that liberal protesters failed to deter people who wanted to attend Walsh’s event to hear his thoughts about the newly released documentary.

In addition to that, YAF urged the University of Wisconsin-Madison to apologize for their controversial notice, which encouraged leftist protesters to tear down flyers of the event.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of UW-Madison, John Lucas, asserted the university is aware of all damages that occurred during Walsh’s event. 

Lucas added the university is committed to promoting free speech in accordance with the American Constitution, so all violence will be treated accordingly.

Similarly, Lucas claimed the university is investigating the incident to hold responsible people accountable. However, the university has yet to take any action against the liberal protesters.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.