Woke Teacher Gets Pranked

The idea of people choosing what pronouns they want started a few years ago; it has gained ground in the educational system and woke circles.

The basic idea is gender is a matter of what you feel and experience, not your genitals.

This completely unnecessary confusion led to some schools implementing sensitivity programs and pronoun usage. We even recently saw how VP Kamala Harris held a meeting that began with participants listing their pronouns, ethnicity, and appearance.

However, one middle school teacher got more than she bargained for in the pronoun game, getting pranked by students. What’s even funnier is she then went on TikTok and completely beclowned herself even more.

What Are Your Pronouns?

Teachers of all levels like to go on platforms like TikTok and brag about how they are spreading pronoun and far-left gender ideology to students. Often, this is an offshoot of their own insecurity about their personal lives or identity.

It belongs in a psychiatrist’s office. Instead, it’s directed at kids in psychological warfare.

Though one woke teacher who just wanted to be sensitive about pronouns got what was coming to her when she tried to respect one of her students’ identities.

When addressing the teen as “him,” the teacher was met by indignation as the young man complained she hadn’t used his pronouns.

Scrambling to recover, this sensitive progressive apologized and asked him what, in fact, were his pronouns. So, he let her know: his pronouns were banana rock.

The teacher was not impressed; so she demanded to know what his pronouns really were. The teen frowned and all the other students chimed in: these really were his pronouns. It was serious; how dare she not respect it?

Is This Real?

Confused, the teacher took to TikTok to whine about her experience, noting she never heard of these kinds of joke-sounding pronouns and imploring viewers as to whether it was a joke or not.

Could he really not be joking? Should she respect his pronouns, despite finding them bizarre or does she have a right to call out his identity?

Yes, these are the people teaching our future generations. Individuals this naive certainly don’t belong teaching; they likely don’t belong walking around outside without a helmet.

If there is a Dumb and Dumber III sequel, this woman should probably star in it and try out her luck in becoming the next great comedian. This is just pure gold and it appears she authentically does not get it.

The Bottom Line

The entire idea of choosing pronouns is insane nonsense. This teacher deserved to get rolled in this way and beclowning herself on TikTok just makes it all the better.

Welcome to the education system in 2022.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.