Wokeists Are ‘Dumbest’ Folks Out There, New Study Finds

A new study has discovered, to put it bluntly, “woke” individuals – i.e. people willing to subscribe to the far-left ideology of wokeism – are also the most stupid.

Here’s Who Falls Under the Woke Yoke

For a while now, it has been crystal clear that only morally deficient people would be prepared to blindly follow a vile ideology stifling free speech, refusing the other side’s right to express opposing views, and eager to resort to violence and brute force in real life or online in order to crush any dissenters.

Now a study by researcher Louise Drieghe and colleagues surveyed 300 adults in North America only to find that woke totalitarians are also less intelligent than people refusing to submit to the woke yoke.

The research team measured the participants’ cognitive ability using the Ammons Quick Test, in which they were supposed to correctly assign words to pictures, The Daily Skeptic reported, as cited by The Conservative Firing Line.

The scores from the test in question correspond to better scores on comprehensive IQ tests, for example, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test.

At the same time, the researchers evaluated the respondents’ level of support for free speech, as well as the degree to which they were concerned about political correctness. The former was measured on a nine-item scale, and the latter – on a seven-item scale that two other scholars developed.

The key findings from the study performed by Drieghe and colleagues show a “moderate positive correlation” in which the higher a person’s cognitive ability, the higher his or her support for free speech and the lower his or her concern for political correctness.

Thus, smarter people were shown to be in favor of free speech and to resent totalitarian political correctness and wokeness.

At the same time, more stupid people were revealed to be open to succumbing to the far left’s perfidious narratives and falsehoods that have been plaguing America’s public life for years, if not decades now, oftentimes, and increasingly, with catastrophic consequences.

Higher Cognitive Ability Means ‘Classical Liberalism Values’

The report noted the study was “skewed” towards highly educated people since 66% – or exactly two-thirds – of those in the sample had a university degree. At the same time, fewer than 40% of the general population in the United States has higher education.

The Daily Skeptic pointed out it was possible there would have been a weaker correlation between cognitive abilities and adhering to wokeness if the sample had been more similar to America’s overall population in terms of educational status.

Regardless of such possibilities, however, it is emphasized that the findings looking into intelligence and “wokeness” are actually consistent with other existing research on the topic.

Previous studies, not unlike the new one, have established that higher cognitive ability is connected with “broadly classically liberal beliefs.”

That means people with better cognitive abilities are more likely to be in favor of free speech, Democrats, and women’s rights. They are also likely to oppose big government in its various forms, including government control of the economy.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.