Woman Finds, Returns Bag of Cash, Rewarded with New Car

A Michigan woman’s luck has taken a turn for the better after doing a good deed. She was rewarded with a new car after she stumbled upon a plastic bag with cash and returned it to its owners, a newlywed couple.

Newlywed’s Wedding Donations

The Good Samaritan, 65-year-old Diane Gordon, whose good deed didn’t go unrewarded, is a resident of White Lake Township, Michigan. 

Gordon’s car broke down a year ago, in February 2022. Because of that, she has been walking to work and back, three miles in each direction, five days a week, The People Magazine reported.

However, on January 21, 2023, on her walk to work, the Michigan woman discovered a plastic bag containing 14,780 in cash. She thought to herself she had to call the police and hand over the find, as it didn’t belong to her.

She told WJBK, a Fox News affiliate, that she spotted the cash-filled plastic bag on the ground as she stopped to get a snack at a local gas station. Gordon, who is a grandmother of two, remembered she first opened the bag, saw the money, then turned it over and saw even more money.

However, she knew right away exactly what she would do next – so she called the police. 

When the police officers from the police department of White Lake Township arrived, they managed to find the owners of the bag very quickly. Inside the bag were wedding cards addressed to a couple who just had their wedding, earlier the same day. 

Dan Keller, the police department chief, told Washington Post that they used the name found on the wedding cards to identify and locate the owners of the money. 

The police chief noted that Diane Gordon didn’t even hesitate to return the money. However, he said it didn’t happen “very often” that a person who had come across a large sum of cash would return it. 

Donations Campaign to Reward a Good Samaritan 

The Good Samaritan woman didn’t think she was doing much by calling the police and giving the money back. However, her good deed did not go unnoticed. It impressed Stacy Connell, the wife of the police officer who responded to Diane Gordon’s call. 

Learning about Gordon’s story, Connell went on the fundraising site GoFundMe, set up a campaign, and launched an effort for donations hoping to collect enough money to buy the 65-year-old woman a new car. 

As of Tuesday, the GoFundMe campaign has already raised more than $66,000. At the end of last week, on Friday, Diane Gordon was presented with her car. It is a green Jeep Compass bought from a local car dealership, the Szott Auto Group.

“I am floored,” Gordon commented before WXYZ, a local ABC affiliate, adding she was struggling to “keep it in.”

The Good Samaritan said she loved her new car and noted it was equipped with things she had never had before – such as a backup camera and a steering wheel warmer.

The woman added she wanted to use the new car to give rides to those of her co-workers who needed them.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.