‘Woman’ Gets Dangerous New Definition in Transgenderism Onslaught

In a new victory for the lefties’ transgenderism onslaught, the Cambridge Dictionary changed the definition of “woman” to one that is simultaneously meaningless, extremely misogynistic, and very dangerous for women.

Pushing Transgenderism Harder Than Ever

A report by The Federalist points out the definition of “woman” didn’t change between 1755 and October 2022 – it was still an “adult female human.”

The 267-year-old definition, however, does not exist anymore in the Cambridge Dictionary, which now defines a “woman” as an “adult” who “identifies” as a female, regardless of whatever “sex” she may have been assigned “at birth.”

Conversely, the Cambridge Dictionary has changed the definition of a “man” to mirror that – so a “man” has become someone who claims to be one – never mind biology, genes, and basic human decency.

The “gender-based” part of the new communist “class struggle” inside Western nations is especially dangerous to women.

This is due to its highly misogynistic nature, as transgenderism is rapidly wiping out any of the equality and status victories that women achieved over the past 100 years.

It is tossing their sex into the pit of Marxist “nothingness” where anybody can be a “woman” just by thinking about it.

While the same is true of men, it has been women who had to struggle to get where they are today – or were until a few years back, before the barbaric onslaught of communist “gender-based” class struggle

Orwellian Move for Political Domination

In The Federalist’s report on the Cambridge Dictionary definition changes, author David Harsanyi notes one of the dictionary examples illustrating the new “meaning” of the term “woman.”

The example sentence says that a certain “Mary” is a woman who actually got “assigned male at birth.”

The author wonders who actually got to “assign Mary’s sex,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary, and whether the publication thinks other human characteristics may also be “altered” based on a person’s feelings.

The report quotes Sophie White, a Cambridge University press spokeswoman, who responded to The Washington Post when asked about the definition change.

She argued the dictionary editors examined the patterns in which “woman” was presently used as a word. They came to the conclusion that the learners of English should know this new “definition.” The author slams the explanation as “tautological gibberish.”

At the same time, The Washington Post argued that Cambridge Dictionary altered its definitions in order to “include transgender people” in them.

The author notes this means the dictionary has practically invented a new fake “fundamental fact” – as it would have done, had it included expanded the term “Asian people” to include “white people.”

The Federalist report concludes that the changed “definition” of the word “woman” is an Orwellian attempt – as per George Orwell’s novel “1984|” – to replace the actual meaning with a fake one for the sake of political domination.


This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.