Woman Soccer Player Stands Up to Woke Mob

Jaelene Daniels was benched for the team’s soccer match on Friday because she objected to donning a shirt with an LGBT “Pride” design.

The Daily Wire said Daniels, an outspoken Christian, garnered attention in 2017 when she decided to leave the U.S. Football Club.

This was just two weeks after it was revealed both the men’s and women’s teams would’ve been sporting rainbow uniforms for LGBT Pride month.

The Story

Before the match, a Courage representative told The Washington Post that Jaelene “would not be called up tonight since she made a conscious decision to not use our Pride jersey.”

The statement said, “While we are saddened in her decision, we recognize her freedom to make that ruling for herself. With our supporters, players, and staff, we’re thrilled to honor the LGBTQIA+ population tonight. Before the game, we’re throwing our first-ever Pride Festival.”

Sean Nahas, the head coach of the team, is enthused about how “strongly” the team feels when donning the Pride-themed shirts.

It’s important to keep in mind this is only the second or third time they have donned those jerseys.

According to Nahas, “I know how strong it was for us and how much it means for people. I stuck by my first principle, which was that nothing would come between them and what was essential to them and meaningful to them.”

The year before, Daniels re-signed with the Courage. The club apologized to the “LGBT movement” for re-signing the soccer player in an odd open letter to supporters.

The open letter stated, according to ESPN, “We, as a club, realize the impact this decision has on our society in response to recent news of Jaelene Daniels’ re-signing.”

“Over the past several days, we’ve received your comments and thought about our conduct. We sincerely apologize to everyone we have offended, especially to members of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Enough of This Wokeness

The letter continued, “The choice to re-sign Jaelene was not made lightly and included meaningful conversations between organizational management and Jaelene.”

“The security of our players and upholding a welcoming, respectful environment for the entire squad were prioritized in those meetings,” according to the team.

In her own statement, Daniels emphasized her love for all people, irrespective of “systems of belief or orientation,” on her Twitter feed.

“My love for these women is built in who and what they are as people. I believe everyone is deserving of dignity, value, and love, irrespective of gender, race, beliefs, or talents. They improve me as a person, athlete, and teammate,” according to Daniels.

“I’m still firmly rooted in my faith. I want people to understand my love for them isn’t contingent on their sexual orientation or worldview,” she said.

“I sincerely hope my colleagues are aware of how much I value, respect, and adore them.”