Work to Impeach Governor Whitmer Picks Up Traction

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Michigan residents have lived under some of the strictest COVID-19 orders for many months now. Gretchen Whitmer, the state’s Democrat governor, continues to show her preference for passing orders on her own, rather than engaging in bipartisanship with the state legislature. This has caused both Republicans and even some Democrats to criticize her methods and edicts.

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Earlier this year, the Democrat governor lost access to Michigan’s 1945 emergency powers law after repeatedly abusing it; Whitmer hardly allowed this to deter her, though. Since this loss, she’s started using the Michigan health department as a vehicle to pass the same mandates she used the emergency powers law for.

However, the sign of the times shows that Michiganders are tiring of their governor. This explains why the push for her impeachment continues to garner more and more support, per Breitbart News.

The Surging Support for Whitmer’s Impeachment

Due to the conduct and policies of Governor Whitmer, the state legislature is moving to have her impeached from office. Days ago, commissioners in Kalkaska County voted four to two on backing a probe into Whitmer’s actions during COVID-19.

One commissioner in Kalkaska County described Whitmer’s draconian mandates as the “primary cause” for why the community is facing extensive economic challenges. The commissioner then stated that the Democrat governor’s “unconstitutional executive orders” are why he’s supporting the aforementioned legislation.

As of now, the next step is for the Michigan State Legislature to review the resolution in question.

What Will it Take to Remove the Michigan Governor from Office?

In order to impeach Whitmer, the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate must vote accordingly. For the House, a majority vote is necessary; following this, the appropriate representatives would take the case to the Michigan Senate.

From this point, 66% of senators in the body would have to vote for Whitmer’s impeachment. Due to Republicans holding 22 seats to Democrats’ 16 seats, a bipartisan vote in the Senate would be necessary in order to impeach the Michigan governor.

At a bare minimum, Republicans would need four Democrats to vote alongside them to remove Whitmer from office.

What do you think about the growing support to boot the Michigan governor out of office? Do you believe Whitmer should be removed from power due to her handling of COVID-19? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts down below in the comments section.