You Won’t Imagine What Facebook Employees are Protesting

Mentally unstable Facebook employees brutally blasted CEO Mark Zuckerberg in secret internal communications.

This happened over Facebook not restricting Republicans to the degree these employees believe is necessary. “Legend will not treat us favorably,” one employee warned ominously.

Internal Troubles

According to the NY Post, Facebook employees have been slamming CEO Mark Zuckerberg in internal documents, citing the CEO’s fixation with growth for the firm’s recent issues.

“History will not treat us favorably,” one staffer apparently remarked on the day of the Capitol disturbances on January 6th, which were partly planned via Facebook.

The overarching message of the emails is the firm’s mainly leftist workforce believes it hasn’t achieved enough to silence and censor conservative viewpoints.

Facebook restricted the circulation of Breitbart News articles by 20%, using techniques built for that purpose, according to Breitbart News this week.

Allum Bokhari, a senior software correspondent for Breitbart News, wrote the following…

Following the 2016 election, the business released two technologies that unfairly hurt conservative publications. Internal Facebook analysis, according to WSJ, shows removing these features would improve traffic flow to Breitbart News by 20%.

The same applies for Washington Times by 18%, the Western Journal at 16%, and the Epoch Times around 11%. One of the tools was later deleted, while the other was kept, but it’s unknown which had the greatest influence on traffic.

“We may face major blowback for having ‘started experimenting’ with circulation at the cost of right wing publishers,” one of Facebook’s scientists feared, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Breitbart News is also pushed to a “second-tier” of the product’s news tab, where it receives less visibility than its corporate media counterparts, according to the piece.

Furthermore, Facebook is indirectly compensating Breitbart News’ rivals, established media corporations such as the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and even the New York Times — but not Breitbart News.

“We’ve been stoking this flame for a long period of time, and we will not be surprised it’s suddenly out of hand,” one Facebook employee wrote.

Per an Atlantic article, numerous staff tried for months to sound the alarm on what they believe are interaction algorithms driving users toward extremist and unpleasant content, but were disregarded by company executives.

In August 2020, a Facebook employee on the “Integrity” team reported recommended design modifications that would limit users’ associated with extreme material being regularly overlooked in favor of efforts to increase customer engagement.

According to the employee, Facebook was “only willing to take action after things deteriorated into a catastrophic position.”

“I’ve witnessed persons from my town descend farther and further into the rabbit hole of QAnon and COVID anti-mask/anti-vax conspiracy on Facebook during the time we paused,” the employee continued. “It’s been excruciating to see.”

Employees also said Zuckerberg personally interfered on a frequent basis to change decisions that could harm user growth. According to the Washington Post, Zuckerberg agreed to the Vietnamese government’s censoring demands in 2020 in order to avoid losing an anticipated $1 billion in revenue.