Youngkin Goes for the Jugular in Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin told reporters Biden’s had a “failed administration” and the “sun goes down” on his Democrat enemy’s career in politics.

He’s Not Scared of Biden

Youngkin was questioned by Fox News reporter Mark Meredith if he was concerned Biden will work with McAuliffe in the last run of the toss-up governor’s election.

Youngkin replied, “I’m not scared and I’ll be truthful. You see, down the stretch now, Virginians are so concentrated about what their governor will do for their families once I’m governor.”

“We’ll get our expenses down, our employment machine revved back up, and keep our communities safe. We will make certain our schools are teaching youngsters how to think rather than what to believe.”

McAuliffe “needs to try and bring in these characters,” according to the Republican. “You can witness what a failing presidency looks like when you look at Biden,” Youngkin continued.

“You take Afghanistan, you look at the border, you look at our economics, you look at the reality everything he does appears to be making America poorer, and I’m trying to work at making Virginia greater.”

The Department of State is in communication with 363 citizens and roughly 176 lawful permanent residents who are trying to escape Afghanistan, officials told members of Congress on Friday.

The government has been chastised by legislators for leaving scores of Americans alone, despite the administration putting the figure at approximately 100 in September.

Nevertheless, Border Patrol said police forces met 1.7 million illegal immigrants in Fiscal Year 2021, breaking the previous annual milestone.

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Won’t Work

As Biden seeks to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure via his “Build Back Better” program, the economy is beset by inflationary pressures, rising gas prices, and supply chain concerns.

Youngkin was also queried by Meredith about McAuliffe’s choice to mock his Republican opposition’s clothing, namely his khakis and fleece.

“I believe it indicates the sun has set on Terry McAuliffe’s 43-year career in politics, but they’re doing everything possible to divert attention away from the reality he is drowning,” Youngkin shot back.

While Virginia supported Joe Biden (who triumphed by ten points in 2020), recent surveys show McAuliffe and Youngkin are neck-and-neck in the gubernatorial race. Youngkin has risen in the polls after championing parental responsibility in schooling.

This comes amid Education Department squabbles in Fairfax and Loudoun counties over COVID-19, critical race theory, and LGBTQ problems. In the wake of an apparent school  board cover-up of an alleged rape in a girl’s washroom, Youngkin has called for many resignations.

However, McAuliffe has tried to distance himself from remarks he made during a discussion in September. “I don’t believe parents can dictate to schools what to teach,” the liberal stated.