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Biden Tells Voter to Support Sanders, Warren After Medicare-for-All Talks


At this point in the 2020 presidential election, the Democrat Party is very clear on their healthcare plans. Left-wing candidates who are currently running either want Medicare-for-All or the revival of Obamacare.

Despite the massive pitfalls associated with both proposals, Democrats continue to bicker with one another over which plan is better. In all honesty, conservatives have a very strong case in asserting that booting Americans off their private healthcare and forcing Americans to purchase healthcare which may be unnecessary or unwanted are equally terrible.

Yesterday, Obamacare supporter and 2020 Democrat Joe Biden clashed with a voter who attended his campaign event in Iowa, reports the Washington Examiner. When the voter questioned whether or not Biden’s opposition to Medicare-for-All is rooted in an interest to shield insurance companies, the 2020 Democrat pointedly told the voter to go support Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

While both Medicare-for-All and Obamacare are both terrible, it’s still quite odd that Biden would tell someone who potentially supported him to go back a different candidate.

Reviewing the Events Which Transpired

Over the course of Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, he’s had numerous issues with making various gaffes and embarrassing himself on multiple occasions. From mistaking the names of world leaders to declaring himself as the current vice president, Biden’s countless blunders have caused members of his own party to take a step back and reconsider his competency in this election.

On Friday, Biden didn’t do much to help his cause by essentially mocking a voter who questioned his rejection of Medicare-for-All. Following the insinuation that Biden may want to protect the interests and profits of insurance companies, the former vice president responded with the following statements:

“Well, God love you. You got the right candidate in Bernie and Elizabeth, or whomever you have. […] So if you’re willing to pay, and I respect you, you’re willing to pay the extra taxes and you think you’ll get that much more for that, that’s good.”

Americans on both sides of the aisle can agree that Biden’s response to this voter came off as incredibly dismissive and condescending.

A Lose-Lose Scenario

Ending the individual mandate is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Trump presidency. Never should Americans be forced by the government to purchase a particular form of healthcare. If it’s truly that great, the people will have no problem buying into it voluntarily.

Likewise, the government should not have the power to kick Americans off of their private health insurance plans. This is precisely what Democrats like Warren and Sanders are pushing for. So, at the end of the day, left-wing healthcare proposals present a lose-lose scenario, either way you slice it.

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AOC Admits Other Democrats Don’t Like Her


Over the past year, many members of the Democrat Party have made comments and supported policies which others view as radical and extreme. This is quite common amongst progressives who regularly rally for massive, “bold” reform which is set to cost the nation trillions of dollars. When asked about how their various programs, such as Medicare-for-All, student loan debt cancellation, and Housing-for-All, will get funded, progressives simply profess that they’ll tax the rich.

Non-extremist Democrats are becoming rarer and rarer. They’re also locked in a struggle with their in-party, progressive counterparts which are loud and vulgar. House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez certainly falls into this category; the congresswoman also recently admitted that other Democrats dislike her being in office, as reported by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Review of AOC’s Confession

Ocasio-Cortez spoke with the New York Times and bemoaned experiencing the “loss of innocence and naïveté” since her time as a congresswoman. This is actually very interesting talk for someone who takes massive shots at anyone who disagrees with her and makes countless untrue statements about a president she doesn’t like.

Ocasio-Cortez has also chosen to align herself with individuals, such as Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who are known for their anti-Semitic rhetoric.

AOC’s statements on feeling unwanted and ostracized by many members of her own party read as follows:

“In many ways, I feel like I walk around with a scarlet letter because many members who just have any primary, whether I know about it or not, tend to project that onto me. In many ways, I feel like I walk through that body as a symbol of someone who should not be there and a threat to the way power is organized.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s admission that other Democrats don’t like her come amidst news that she’s likely to face a primary challenger.

Why Democrats Might Dislike AOC

If Ocasio-Cortez is, in fact, right about certain Democrats disliking her, it’s a situation which she’s created for herself. The congresswoman has called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), feuded with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and made some questionable statements regarding the functionality of government.

The few remaining Democrats who are not radical extremists are probably embarrassed that individuals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the face of their party.

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Behar Says Pimps and Murderers Have Better Behavior than Trump Aides


President Trump and his administration are frequent targets of progressives, Democrats and other members of the left. Every criticism in the book has been hurled at the president and his aides; Democrats claim that there’s too much turnover in the White House, Trump’s aides can’t manage him, etc. Of course, seeing as the Democrats with the most feedback are not in the White House or working for the president, the censure is all speculation and blowing hot air.

However, The View co-host Joy Behar made quite an interesting claim about the Trump administration yesterday. When the panel discussed Corey Lewandowski and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s congressional testimonies, Behar claimed that she knows murderers and pimps who are more well-behaved than Lewandowski, Kavanaugh, and Trump officials.

Breitbart News covered this story shortly after Behar’s remarks aired on television for millions of Americans to hear.

A Closer Look at Behar’s Full Remarks

Behar and the other four co-hosts of The View took issue with the manners and tones of Lewandowski and Kavanaugh. Both men’s congressional testimonies came amidst new attempts to impeach the president and accusations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh. Apparently, Behar disliked the ways in which Lewandowski and Kavanaugh conducted themselves.

Still, even by leftist standards, it’s out there to claim that Lewandowski, Kavanaugh, and Trump aides have worse behavior than individuals who take people’s lives and force people into sex slavery.

Nevertheless, Behar’s concerning take on all this reads as follows:

“I couldn’t stand watching it or listening to it on the radio, the snarkiness of it. I have taught juvenile delinquents who are more respectful in a classroom than this guy and than Kavanaugh, remember Kavanaugh and others who are in this administration working for Trump. I have had kids who were murderers and pimps who behaved better than this.”

See for yourself:

Facts Over Feelings

The assertion that pimps and murderers are more well-behaved than Lewandowski, Kavanaugh, and members of the Trump administration is absolutely ludicrous. Progressives and the rest of the left-wing have become so overwhelmed by hatred for the president that they’ll say and do just about anything.

The Democrat Party constantly pushes back against the right-wing for branding them as radicals and extremists, but look at the facts. Right now, the left has made very clear that they’re all about ramming socialist policies through government, taking away the guns of Americans, ending private healthcare, and repeatedly abusing congressional power to target a president they don’t like.

If claiming that pimps and murderers are more civil than mainstream conservatives and Trump aides isn’t radical, then what is?

What do you think about Joy Behar’s latest take on Brett Kavanaugh, Corey Lewandowski, and the Trump administration? Sound off in the comments section below!

Questions about Biden’s Mental Fitness to Withstand 2020 Arise


Throughout the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden has fumbled, stammered, and made gaffes on countless occasions. It’s become a pattern for Biden and as a candidate who’s attempting to brand himself as the most electable Democrat, the optics aren’t great. Democrats are cringing and wondering whether or not Biden has what it takes to take on someone like Trump; Republicans are also hitting Biden for his multiple blunders and using it to their political advantage.

On Tuesday, President Trump’s re-election campaign published a video which comprises many of Biden’s slip-ups, mistakes, and verbal gaffes, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Throughout the video are also various reports which note that Biden appears “unsteady” or “like a deer in headlights.”

One thing’s for certain: the general election will be much more cut-throat for Biden than the primaries, if he somehow manages to earn his party’s nomination.

A Full Display of the Biden Gaffe Machine

The video which shows Biden’s multiple gaffes and the subsequent questions about his stamina and fitness was posted on Twitter by Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale. Parscale regularly tweets out news and facts pertaining to the president, his progress in the White House, and other conservative victories.

In the following video, viewers can see why there is so much speculation regarding Biden’s mental fitness:

The Biden Camp on Gaffes and Missteps

For the most part, the Biden 2020 campaign has largely abstained from responding to criticism regarding the former vice president’s mental fitness. On the few occasions which they’ve addressed the matter, Biden’s aides claimed that his gaffes are merely part of his “charm.” Unfortunately for the former vice president, most of America disagrees.

Earlier this month fellow contender Tim Ryan weighed in on Biden. Ryan noted that Biden is “declining” even though Ryan “loves” him.

“I just think Biden is declining. I don’t think he has the energy. You see it almost daily and I love the guy.”

President Trump has also hit Biden, stating that the latter is not playing “with a full deck.”

In Biden’s most recent blunder, he vowed that a child tax credit would put “720 million women back in the workforce.” This is mathematically impossible since 720 million is more than twice the amount of United States citizens:

What do you think of Joe Biden’s mental fitness to withstand the pressures and intensity of a presidential election? Sound off in the comments section below!

ICE Amps Up Security in Facilities Following Attacks


Over the past year and a half, progressives have significantly increased their various attacks on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Border Patrol officials, and other law enforcement agencies.

Progressives frequently demonize these agencies, dishonestly claim that ICE and Border Patrol abhors immigrants, and even call for the abolition of agencies which enforce legal immigration. As a result, this behavior has given a green light to more unhinged individuals who now feel justified in launching deadly attacks against ICE and similar organizations.

In the wake of all this, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan has called for stricter security measures at various ICE facilities across the nation, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation. These additional security measures are being put in place for the sake of protecting law enforcement officers and the law itself.

Everything You Need to Know about Stronger Security Measures at ICE Facilities

Last week, McAleenan penned a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which explains the gravity of the threats which ICE and similar agencies are facing. In the letter, the acting Homeland Security secretary explained that peaceful protest is warranted, but riots and violence are not.

An excerpt from McAleenan’s letter reads as follows:

“Our ICE law enforcement partners are coming under increased and ever more violent assault for merely doing their jobs. This is not just a threat to the law enforcement professionals within [the DHS] but an affront to the rule of law itself.”

Most recently, ICE facilities in Texas and Washington have become targets of terrorist attacks and shootings. Furthermore, the acting Homeland Security secretary requested that an “operational plan” to ensure the safety of ICE facilities and ICE employees be submitted to him by September 26th.

The shooter who carried out the attack against ICE’s Washington facility harbored radically far-left views which he documented in a chilling manifesto.

More on ICE

ICE members are important and valuable members of law enforcement who provide a great service to this nation. Contrary to what the radical progressives might believe, enforcing the immigration laws is not evil or hateful.

Customs and screenings for entering this country exist for a reason. As President Trump has stated on a plethora of occasions, immigrants are more than welcome to come into America, but they have to come legally.

Threats and attacks on ICE facilities and ICE workers are absolutely unacceptable. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party’s ongoing decision to demonize these organizations has placed ICE in harm’s wa and is why additional security measures and operational plans are now in the works.

What do you think about the additional security measures which ICE is now taking for their own safety? How do you think rhetoric from progressives has contributed to this crisis? Sound off in the comments section below!

Ted Cruz: Trump Has “Broken” Democrat Party


The conduct and moves of the Democrat Party have dramatically shifted since Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency. The left has not only vowed to “resist” the president, but also moved to impeach him, despite Trump’s lack of impeachable offenses. Democrats have also become significantly more radical in their policies, thus calling for the confiscation of lawful Americans’ guns, the decriminalization of illegal border crossings, and free healthcare for illegal immigrants at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

For all of these reasons and more, Democrats and progressives are regularly called out for what a considerable amount of Americans view as extremism. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently shared his own take on the Democrat Party, following the third primary debate; during his remarks on ABC News, Cruz noted that President Trump has “broken” the Democrat Party, as confirmed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Look at Cruz’s Remarks

Cruz appeared on ABC News and spoke about the extent to which Democrats have regressed since Trump’s time as president. Ultimately, Cruz made the case that the Democrat Party is broken and that last week’s primary debate marked a new descent into left-wing extremism.

The senator furthermore pointed out that Democrats declined to discuss jobs or economic upturns on Thursday; instead, all they did was talk about the ways in which they plan to infringe upon Americans’ liberties and freedoms.

Cruz’s precise remarks on the brokenness of the Democrat Party read as follows:

“I think Donald Trump has broken the Democratic Party. They are defined now just by hating him. They ought to be the party of jobs. They used to be a party focused on jobs. They’re not anymore. I think Thursday night the Democrats galloped even further to the left [and] not a single Democrat talked about jobs. Not a single Democrat talked about the economy, about the fact that we’ve got the lowest African-American unemployment ever recorded.”

Self-Defeating Tactics

The most ironic thing about the Democrat Party is that they are profoundly proving to be their own undoing. Progressives think they’re taking a stand and sticking it to Trump when they advocate for far-left policies, such as open borders and kicking Americans off their private healthcare; in actuality, what the Democrat Party is doing is driving away anyone who isn’t a radical, far-leftist.

Progressives clearly despise President Trump, but the methods which they’ve chosen to employ will only ensure that the president whom they loathe so much wins a second term in office. Then again, as Cruz stated, this is something which the Democrats are unable to see because they have been utterly destroyed, defeated and broken by President Trump.

What do you think about Sen. Ted Cruz’s take on the Democrat Party? Sound off in the comments section below!

Biden Implies Black Families Can’t Care for Children During Talks of Reparations


The Democrat Party has embraced what they like to think of as bold reform for the sake of restoring America. Most rational individuals understand that the proposals of the Democrat Party and their respective presidential candidates are nothing more than an icky combination of big government and socialism. One of the most notable policies which 2020 Democrats are pushing for is reparations.

The argument in favor of reparations asserts that generational harm has befallen African-Americans whose ancestors were slaves. When Democrats push for reparations, what they are really alleging is that African-Americans are incapable of competing on the same level playing field as other races and therefore need a handout. This is something which former President George Bush referred to as “the soft bigotry of low expectations” decades ago.

Quite recently, 2020 Democrat Joe Biden landed in hot water regarding statements he made about black families and reparations, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Analysis of Biden’s Commentary

During Thursday night’s debate, Biden spoke about reparations for black Americans who are descendants of slaves. Of course, in typical Biden fashion, he put his foot in his mouth and made statements which have gotten him in trouble, yet again. The specific remarks in question came after the 2020 candidate was asked about “repairing the legacy of slavery.”

Biden first began by talking about the improvement of the education system; he then went on to suggest bringing social workers into the homes of poor, black families.

In Biden’s own words:

“We bring social workers into homes, parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It’s not that they don’t want to help, they don’t know quite what to do. Play the radio, make sure the television – excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone, make sure that kids hear words. A kid coming from a very poor school – a very poor background will hear four million words fewer spoken by the time we get there.”

See for yourself:

Since making these remarks, critics have stated that the former vice president was condescending, with others urging Biden to drop out of the 2020 election altogether.

The Problem with Reparations

As a party, Democrats have collectively embraced reparations, a decision which is as questionable and problematic as Biden’s justification of reparations. Countless individuals have ancestors who have experienced hardships, yet this hasn’t stopped them from making something of themselves in present day.

The idea of reparations being given to individuals who never suffered from or experienced slavery is outrageous. Where would the funds come from? Who would foot the bill? How would the United States government determine which African-Americans are descendants of slaves? How much money would be deemed “enough?”

The same leftists who are talking about their issues with Biden’s slippery statements on black families won’t talk about the troubling undertones which collectively apply to reparations.

What do you think about Biden’s thoughts on reparations in America? Sound off in the comments section below!

Pence Sets Biden Straight on Who is Vice President of the United States


At this point in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden’s status as a cringe-worthy gaffe machine is pretty well-established. During Biden’s attendance at Thursday night’s third Democrat debate, he regularly stammered and had to correct himself as he spoke on various issues.

This comes amidst a series of questions about Biden’s competency as a 2020 candidate and concerns from the Democrat Party. At one point during the debate, fellow 2020 hopeful Julian Castro even asked Biden if he forgot a statements which he made two minutes prior.

Biden’s latest blunder occurred on Thursday when he referred to himself as vice president of the United States. Of course, this is an inaccurate declaration; Biden served as vice president throughout 2009-2017. The current vice president of the United States is Mike Pence.

This is not the first time which Biden has confused his years of service as vice president, only this time, Pence called out Biden for this error, as documented by CSPAN via Twitter.

The Current Vice President of the United States

On Friday, Pence spoke at a Republican, Baltimore-based retreat before an audience. During this time, the vice president covered a series of issues, including Biden’s latest gaffe. Pence confirmed that he is, in fact, the vice president of the United States, not Joe Biden.

See for yourself:

Biden’s reference to himself as “vice president of the United States” came after a back-and-forth with Castro. Castro called out Biden for repeatedly invoking former President Obama in order to defend himself, yet shying away from his time as Obama’s vice president when criticism of the Obama administration comes up.

Furthermore, Julian Castro is not the only 2020 Democrat to make this observation; Cory Booker has also called out Biden for repeatedly referencing the 44th president when it proves to be convenient.

More on Biden’s Latest Slip-Up

Biden’s claim that he currently is “vice president of the United States” didn’t do him any favors. Shortly after the third Democrat debate, Cory Booker spoke with CNN about Biden. Booker noted that certain Democrats, such as Castro, have serious reservations about Biden’s ability not “fumble.”

Booker additionally declared that Biden has a tendency to “meander” in his speech and that there are times where you look at the former vice president and “just wonder.”

What do you think about Joe Biden’s latest gaffe regarding the current vice president of the United States? Sound off in the comments section below!

Sanders Thinks He Can “Cancel” Student Loan Debt for All


There’s certainly no shortage of grand and unrealistic promises amongst the Democrat Party. If you listen to the current batch of candidates, they’re going to give Americans free healthcare, free college, a free $12,000 per year for nothing, and much more. That’s not all though! Democrats also think they have the power to “cancel” all student loan debt; at least that’s something which Bernie Sanders vowed to make happen during last night’s third Democrat debate, as documented by Breitbart News.

Sanders’ newly-introduced legislation to “cancel” all student loan debt is the College-for-All act. This particular piece of legislation aims to erase all student loans by hiking taxes on Wall Street. What Sanders isn’t telling the American people is that legislation of this nature would have to make it through Congress, garner the necessary votes, and then get a signature from the president of the United States.

Reviewing Sanders’ Promises on Student Loan Debt

In a clear desperation to get votes, Sanders made a series of promises during last night’s Democrat debate. In addition to vowing to erase all student loan debt, the socialist pledged that he would increase teachers’ salaries to $60,000 and remove all debt associated with colleges and universities.

Of course, Sanders’ answer for funding all of this includes simply slapping higher taxes on Wall Street. The College-for-All act is set to cost a whopping $2 trillion dollars, an amount which is higher than the collective student loans which Americans owe.

Nevertheless, Sanders attempted to explain it all away and convince Americans that what he’s doing is helpful and realistic. His precise statements on the matter read as follows:

“Under my legislation, we’ll move to see that every teacher in America makes at least $60,000 a year. What we will also do is not only have universal pre-k, we will make public colleges and universities debt free. This is an incredible burden on millions and millions of young people who did nothing wrong except try to get the education they need.”

Facing Reality

Whenever Democrats make these grand proposals, they always cite taxing the wealthy as their way of paying for things. What they won’t tell Americans is that wealthy individuals already pay a considerable amount of money in taxes.

Time and time again, middle-class Americans have suffered when Democrats chose to use the government to supposedly improve people’s lives. The government doesn’t do much well, but the left-wing still has yet to learn this lesson. At the end of the day, the cost of Democrats’ programs always falls down on middle America and achieves the exact opposite of what leftists profess as their interests.

What do you think of Bernie Sanders’ College-For-All legislation? Sound off in the comments section below!

AOC Thinks Republicans are Scared of Her “Squad”


For quite some time, progressive members of the Democrat Party have pushed this narrative that Republicans and conservatives are frightened of them. This is a common talking point which progressives use when they’re getting pushback for various radical viewpoints. Some of the most radical, progressive viewpoints include the ideas of abolishing the Department of Homeland Security, getting rid of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

Earlier this week, House Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar spoke at an NAACP forum, as documented by Breitbart News. During this time, Ocasio-Cortez spoke and shared some interesting statements about the GOP. The congresswoman alleged that the Republican Party fears “The Squad” because of their “power.”

AOC on “The Squad” and the Republican Party

In essence, Ocasio-Cortez made the claim that because she, Pressley, Tlaib, Omar and other Democrats are covered on right-wing media outlets, this means that they’re feared. She then went on to claim that Republicans know how “powerful” progressives truly are even more so than progressives. This argument comes with a host of logical fallacies, but nevertheless, it’s something which Ocasio-Cortez chose to run with.

The congresswoman’s own words read as follows:

“There is a reason we are on Fox News 24/7 while every pundit, while they’re sending mailers with our face on it, because they know how powerful we are more than sometimes our own – frankly I think – our own party does!”

Why Does Right-Wing Media Cover “The Squad” and Other Democrats?

Ocasio-Cortez and other members of the Democrat Party would truly like to believe that Republicans are scared of them. This is simply not the case. AOC and other progressives regularly find themselves covered by right-wing media because knowing what the other side is saying and promoting is important. It’s not about fear, but rather about staying up to date with what’s happening in this nation.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats and progressives fear President Trump. This is why the left-wing has adopted astronomically insane policies which don’t stand a chance of ever getting implemented. It’s also why the left feels compelled to “resist” the president and constantly take to the streets in order to riot and hold up inane signs.

This assertion that Republicans are fearful of progressives is merely projection from the left-wing.

What do you think about AOC’s take on Republicans and conservatives? Let us know in the comments section below!