CBS Host Shocked by Poll Showing 62% of Voters Support Deporting Illegal Immigrants


A recent CBS News/YouGov poll has revealed a startling statistic: 62% of registered voters support the deportation of all illegal immigrants. This figure has left CBS host Margaret Brennan visibly shocked. During a segment on "Face the Nation," Brennan expressed her disbelief, questioning the practicality and implications of such widespread support for deportation.

The poll, conducted between June 5-7, highlights a significant divide in public opinion on immigration policies. While the majority of support for mass deportations comes from former President Trump’s supporters, the data also shows that a notable percentage of Democrats are in favor of these measures.

Brennan pointed out that Homeland Security reported President Biden has already deported more individuals in the past year than any year since 2010. She raised concerns about the feasibility of mass deportations, especially involving children, and questioned the resources available to federal and local authorities to carry out such extensive operations.

Anthony Salvanto, CBS's director of elections and surveys, explained that the poll reflects a broader sentiment of frustration with the current immigration system. He noted that many people feel the system is not working, which drives the support for drastic measures like mass deportation. Salvanto emphasized that the poll captures general sentiment rather than the practical specifics of implementing such policies.

The poll results come amidst a backdrop of increasing political tension over immigration policies. Former President Trump has pledged to conduct the largest domestic deportation operation in American history if re-elected, aiming to use the National Guard to assist in these efforts.

Meanwhile, President Biden has issued executive actions to manage the southern border crisis, including measures to expedite the removal of illegal entrants.

This debate over immigration highlights the deep divisions within the United States on how to handle illegal immigration. Supporters of mass deportation argue it is necessary to uphold the law and protect national security, while opponents warn of the humanitarian and logistical challenges such policies would entail.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, immigration is set to remain a hot-button issue, with both major parties offering starkly different visions for America’s immigration future. The CBS poll underscores the urgent need for a nuanced and effective approach to address the concerns of the American public while balancing legal, ethical, and practical considerations.


  1. If she would get out of her ivory tower and interact with plain old ordinary people instead of listening to the other elites it is just possible she would join that 62%. Nah, she is way too comfortable in her bubble along with the rest of them.

    BTW – if they are here illegally they are NOT ‘immigrants’. Maybe calling them what they really are – invaders or just criminals ‘might’ start changing the opinions of the 38% – that won’t happen until they are directly affected by the ‘illegals’.

  2. They broke the law so either send them to jail or deport the. Cheaper to deport than jail. Also finish the fence and maybe electrify it.

  3. Thee reason she is surprised is that the press pays no attention to the citizens and neither does Washington. Americans have been complaining about illegal immigrastion for three years only to be ignored by Washington and the MSM. That is the mainh problem today in the US. Those in power and in control of the press do not care what the citizens think! What do you think will happen when those now in power get tossed out – along with their press allies?


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