Courageous Citizen Journalists Confront Alleged Child Predator and Former Democrat Lawmaker


In a bold display of citizen journalism, two Arizona residents confronted former Arizona state Senator Tony Navarrete as he made his way into court. Navarrete, a Democrat, stands accused of seven felony charges of pedophilia against his own nephews. Despite the gravity of these allegations, Navarrete has pleaded not guilty and vehemently denies all charges.

The confrontation took place on October 26th, 2023, when Navarrete was entering the court for his trial. The two citizen journalists, Micajah Jackson and Kyle Clifton, questioned Navarrete about his alleged crimes. They asked him directly why he had committed such heinous acts against young boys, including his own family members.

Navarrete’s trial has been marked by controversy. During his testimony, he insisted that the accusations from his nephews were untrue. He also claimed that what prosecutors have labeled as a confession in a recorded phone call between himself and one of the alleged victims was merely a misinterpretation of the conversation.

Despite his denials, Navarrete has been linked to other questionable actions. He has ties to State Rep. Athena Salman and Sen. Juan Mendez, fellow Democrats who assisted him in drafting a bill that would require all Arizona schools to start sexual education instruction from Kindergarten. This proposal, which failed to pass, would have mandated sexual education for children as young as four years old.

Furthermore, Navarrete is associated with Katie Hobbs, who served as an illegitimate Governor and sponsored similar legislation while serving in the Arizona Senate.

 Hobbs has also vetoed a bill that would make it illegal to film or facilitate sexually explicit acts in government buildings and classrooms. This veto came months after an Arizona teacher was fired for filming explicit content in her classroom and posting it on OnlyFans.

The actions of these citizen journalists highlight the importance of public vigilance and accountability. Their confrontation with Navarrete serves as a stark reminder of the alleged crimes committed by this former lawmaker. It also raises questions about the comfort level of certain Democrats with sexual content involving children.

As the trial continues, the jury has yet to submit a verdict. The defense and state are expected to make their closing arguments soon, after which the jury will deliberate. Regardless of the outcome, this case underscores the need for transparency and accountability in our political system, particularly when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable among us – our children.