EXPOSING THE TRUTH: National Guard Whistleblowers Reveal Pentagon’s Sedition in Attempt to Overthrow Conservative Government


Amidst the chaos and turmoil of the current political climate, shocking revelations have emerged from a group of brave National Guard whistleblowers. These patriotic individuals have come forward to expose the insidious sedition taking place within the Pentagon, aimed at undermining the conservative government.

According to these courageous whistleblowers, high-ranking officials within the Pentagon have been orchestrating a plot to overthrow the democratically elected conservative administration. This treacherous scheme involves manipulating the National Guard to carry out their nefarious plans, causing alarm and concern for the safety and stability of the nation.

The whistleblower's claims are nothing short of alarming, as they detail how the Pentagon has been actively working to undermine the conservative government. Through a web of deceit and manipulation, these traitorous officials have been sowing seeds of discord and rebellion, seeking to bring down the very government they are meant to serve.

In a shocking twist, it has been revealed that the Pentagon has been collaborating with outside forces, with the intention of inciting chaos and violence in the nation's capital. These revelations have sent shockwaves through the conservative community, as they are left questioning the loyalty and integrity of those in positions of power.

As the details of this scandal continue to unfold, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is a deliberate and calculated attempt to subvert the will of the people and undermine the conservative government. The gravity of this situation cannot be overstated, as the very fabric of our democracy is at stake.

Despite the gravity of the situation, there has been a deafening silence from the mainstream media on these shocking revelations. It is evident that they are complicit in the cover-up of this heinous act of sedition, choosing to protect their own interests rather than reporting the truth to the American people.

In light of these troubling developments, it is imperative that the American people stand together and demand accountability from those responsible for this betrayal of trust. The fate of our nation hangs in the balance, and we must not allow this insidious plot to succeed.

In conclusion, the revelations brought forth by these brave National Guard whistleblowers have exposed a sinister plot within the Pentagon to overthrow the conservative government. The gravity of this sedition cannot be ignored, and it is our duty as citizens to demand justice and hold those responsible accountable. The future of our nation depends on it.

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  1. All of the above is true & now all the facts are coming out!! Pelosi sham of a committee lied to the american people, changed videos, withheld testimonies, did not return all the documents. Pelosi should be in jail & hopefully Trump will put her there with Cheney & Schiff.

  2. It still doesn’t do us any good the people that I’ve known this for how long now still don’t get any accountability out of it. Nothing’s gonna happen to anybody for it because the Republicans are too fat and lazy and scared, and the Democrats who aren’t going to do a damn thing, so good story but I still don’t see anything coming out of it.

  3. Recently retired Gen. Mark Milley asrecently as the Trump impeachment trials perfomed he highest level of insubordination any military member could perform. As a witness to one such trial Gen. Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff testified that he had secretly contacted his Chinese counterpart informing him that he, Milley, would immediately contact the Chinese officer if and when President Trump decided to attack China. Not only is this insubordination but treason as well and aiding and abetting our worst enemy on the globe. Makes one wonder what else Milley told the Chinese military. When that crime was committed by Milley not a single mention b anyone was heard. Milley should have immediately been arrested and removed from office and Court Martial-ed awaiting punishment for treason which I believe is execution. Instead, Milley is walking the streets a free man living the good life on his military pension. This should not be allowed to stand.

  4. This site always seems to have evidence but never publishes it. I’m an independent voter who would like to see some of the information you say you have or has been made public so I can make a good decision on who to vote for. Please don’t tell me there is evidence and then ramble on about your conservative nature without the evidence. Sounds like a lot of malarkey. Put up or shut up. Sorry for the sarcasm.

  5. the CIA and the FBI both had buses loaded with CIs disguised as trump supporters join in with protesters at the nations capitol on January 6. the pentagon kept the national guard from being deployed until after 5:00. the doors of the capitol were opened from the inside allowing the protesters to enter freely. no officer was beaten in the face with a fire extinguisher. The pipe bombs that a CI made with a piece of pipe capped on both ends with a timer duct taped to it were fake. The officer who died of a heart attack on January 6 was caused by a blood clot and had nothing to do with the events of january 6. No backup was dispatched by any local law enforcement agency. the first officers to arrive in response to capitol police cry for help came from New Jersey highway patrol. no one was arrested on january 6. No video showing rioters overrunning the capitol police and storming the capitol building by force exist. there are videos showing capitol police facing off with protesters. the invasion of the capitol building ended at the end of the day when capitol police officers informed the protesters that the capitol building was closed and everyone had to go, and all of the protesters filed out of the building without complaint. the qanon shaman was escorted through the capitol by capitol police officers who led him to the podium and invited him to address the Congress. The shaman expressed his gratitude to congress for letting everyone in the building, and he blessed congress for it, and he left without complaint.

  6. From the local to the state and then national I have learned to never trust what any government employee says. They always answer to CTA (cover their ass). The higher up you ask the bigger the lies become. I believe these whistleblowers.

  7. So who is being made aware of this situation. i.e. who are the whistle b!owners talking to. What is being done st this point to address the concerns ?

  8. I am so sick of the government under Biden! We are lost in every respect! All he wants now is for Trump to be ousted from running. WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

  9. We the people knew the whole J6 was a scam dreamed up by the Anti-American dems. All the dems hate America and the American People. They’re just power happy.
    They don’t support our allies & side with terrorist hamas just to get votes.
    All dems support the invasion of the Souther border & traitor mayorkas.
    There’s not a patriotic dem in Congress. Vote them all out. They’re evil & no good for America.


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