Justice Prevails: Trump Exonerated After Four-Year DOJ Investigation


In a significant development, former President Donald Trump has been exonerated of any wrongdoing following an exhaustive four-year investigation. The Department of Justice watchdog has officially cleared Trump of allegations that he improperly influenced the FBI’s decision to keep its headquarters in Washington, D.C., rather than relocating it to Virginia or Maryland.

The controversy began two decades ago when discussions about moving the FBI out of the iconic J. Edgar Hoover Building in downtown D.C. were initiated. In 2014, the bureau seriously considered relocating to new offices. The initial plan involved handing over the building to a developer who would construct a new office complex at the location chosen by the bureau for its new facility. This arrangement was termed an “exchange procurement.”

However, the plan hit a snag when the General Services Administration realized that the property in D.C. would not cover the cost of constructing a new facility, leaving the federal government to foot the additional costs. Consequently, the proposed “exchange” was no longer feasible. This led the FBI to develop a new proposal to demolish the Hoover building and construct their new facility on the same plot of land.

This is where the political drama unfolded. Democrats accused Trump of meddling in the FBI’s relocation plans during a meeting in January 2018 that included members of the GSA, the FBI, and the Trump White House.

They alleged that Trump was directly involved in the decision to abandon the long-term relocation plan and instead move ahead with the alternate plan. The Democrats also claimed that Trump interfered to benefit financially from the decision, as it bore directly on his financial interests with the Trump Hotel.

However, the Oversight and Review Division of the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General found no evidence to support these accusations. Their October report stated that they found no proof that Director Christopher Wray or others at the FBI considered the location of the then-named Trump International Hotel or how Trump’s financial interests could be impacted by the decision. Wray himself stated that he did not feel pressured or bullied and that Trump was not really involved in the plans at all.

The report concluded that there was nothing inappropriate or improper about the President’s involvement. It stated, “The President said go forth and make plans.” This exoneration is a testament to the integrity of our justice system, which has once again proven its ability to rise above political bias and uphold the truth.

Despite the relentless attempts by some to weaponize every segment of the federal establishment against Trump, justice has prevailed.