Michigan Town Upholds Democracy, Ousts Entire Local Government Over Controversial Green Energy Project


In a remarkable display of democratic power, the residents of Green Charter Township in Michigan have ousted their entire local government. The decision came after the board approved a green energy project linked to a Chinese company, Gotion High-tech Co., which raised concerns among the townsfolk.

Jason Kruse, the newly elected supervisor of Green Charter Township, led the grassroots movement that resulted in the recall of the seven-person board. Kruse and his fellow citizens were concerned about the board’s unwavering support for the project, despite public skepticism. The board’s refusal to hold a vote or seek further public opinion on the matter fueled suspicions about possible incentives promised by the company.

The proposed project involved the construction of a multibillion-dollar electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant. While the plan was supported by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and other Michigan Democrats, citing the creation of 2,300 jobs, the residents of Green Charter Township had serious reservations. They voiced concerns about the use of agricultural land for the facility and the company’s connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Kruse’s campaign included an informational drive and a third-party independent survey to gauge public support for the project. He emphasized that the community was not against growth but wanted to ensure it was the right kind of growth. The community’s concerns were not just about the potential environmental impact but also about national security implications due to the company’s alleged ties to the CCP.

Despite Gotion’s denial of any allegiance to the CCP and its assertion of being a multinational company committed to bringing jobs to Michigan, the plans for the facility drew scrutiny from Republicans. Senator Marco Rubio and GOP representatives urged the Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to review Gotion’s ties to the CCP. They pointed out that Gotion High-Tech’s founder and his son were members of CCP organizations.

The recall of the local government board is a testament to the power of democracy at the grassroots level. Kruse’s victory in the supervisor race with 70% of the vote, and similar wins by other incumbent challengers, underscored the community’s desire for transparency and accountability from their elected officials.

The new board’s first order of business is to review the Gotion deal. Kruse emphasized that this incident should serve as a reminder to all government officials that the people want their voices to be heard. He stressed that the citizens do not wish to surrender their country to foreign entities.

This incident in Green Charter Township serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of democracy. It shows that when citizens are informed and engaged, they can hold their elected officials accountable and ensure that decisions made align with the best interests of the community.

In conclusion, the story of Green Charter Township is a testament to the enduring power of democracy. It is a clear message to all Americans that their vote matters, and they have the power to shape their communities and their country.