RNC’s McGinley Calls for Volunteer Army to Secure 2024 Elections


In a strategic move to ensure election integrity for the upcoming 2024 presidential election, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has launched an unprecedented initiative to recruit and deploy over 100,000 volunteers and attorneys across key battleground states. RNC official McGinley emphasized the critical need for an "army of volunteers" to not only boost voter turnout but also to secure the integrity of the voting process.

The program, described as the most extensive election integrity effort in U.S. history, aims to cover all aspects of the electoral process. This includes monitoring early voting, election day voting, mail-in ballot processing, and post-election canvassing, audits, and recounts. The initiative underscores former President Donald Trump's ongoing focus on election security, an issue that has remained central to his political agenda since the contentious 2020 election​.

RNC Chairman Michael Whatley and Co-Chair Lara Trump, alongside Chief Counsel Charlie Spies, have designed this comprehensive plan to ensure transparency and fairness. “Election integrity is the foundation of our democracy,” Whatley stated, highlighting the deployment of poll watchers and legal teams to monitor and report any irregularities. These volunteers will receive monthly training sessions to equip them with the necessary skills to oversee the voting process effectively​.

The program also involves setting up an election integrity hotline in each battleground state. These hotlines will serve as command centers where lawyers can field questions and issues reported by poll watchers and voters. This system will be operational from the first day of early voting through election day and beyond if necessary​​.

In addition to ensuring transparency, the RNC's legal strategy is proactive. Spies noted that the RNC legal team is prepared to take immediate action against any violations of election laws. “In 2024, we’re going to beat the Democrats at their own game and ensure election officials follow the rules,” Spies said, stressing the importance of a robust legal presence at every stage of the election process​​.

This initiative is part of a broader "Bank Your Vote" campaign, which encourages Republican voters to cast their votes early, either in-person or via absentee ballots. The campaign builds on previous successes in absentee voting and aims to maximize pre-Election Day votes to secure a Republican victory in 2024. The RNC's comprehensive approach includes digital reminders and targeted outreach to educate voters on early voting options​.

However, this extensive mobilization has raised concerns among election watchdog groups and legal experts. Critics argue that the recruitment of volunteers who believe in unfounded claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election could lead to disruptions and increased tensions at polling sites. Nick Penniman, CEO of Issue One, expressed concern that this strategy could create chaos in heavily Democratic precincts and undermine the electoral process​.

Despite these concerns, the RNC remains committed to its election integrity program. By mobilizing a vast network of volunteers and legal experts, the RNC aims to ensure that every vote is counted accurately and fairly, reaffirming their dedication to a transparent electoral process. This effort is seen as crucial to securing a Republican victory in the highly anticipated 2024 presidential election​​.


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