Unraveling the Truth Behind the Anti-Zionist Outcry at Columbia University


The ivory towers of academia have once again been marred by a relentless pursuit of radical ideologies, this time at Columbia University in the heart of New York City. What was meant to be a peaceful protest against Zionism quickly turned into chaos, as students and faculty alike descended into a frenzied mob. And while the liberal media continues to glorify these so-called "activists," it is time for a conservative voice to speak out and shed light on the true motives behind this volatile demonstration.

The protest, organized by the notorious Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group, aimed to denounce the presence of a pro-Israel group on campus. But beneath the veneer of their supposed anti-Zionist agenda lies a deeper hatred for the very foundations of democracy and freedom. These radical students seek to silence any opposition and stifle diverse perspectives, making a mockery of the very principles our country was founded upon.

As the protest escalated, chaos ensued. Signs with vulgar messages were waved, verbal assaults were hurled at innocent bystanders, and even physical violence broke out. It is clear that the SJP and their allies have no regard for civil discourse or peaceful demonstration. Instead, their tactics rely on intimidation and aggression, further highlighting their true intentions.

But what is most concerning is the alarming rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses across the country. The demonization of Israel, a key ally and bastion of democracy in the Middle East, is a thinly veiled disguise for the underlying hatred towards the Jewish people.

And as this protest at Columbia University shows, it is reaching a fever pitch, with no signs of slowing down.

Despite the chaos and disruption caused by the protest, the university's administration has remained eerily silent. Instead of upholding the values of academic freedom and civil discourse, they have caved in to the demands of these radical students, allowing their toxic ideology to spread unchecked. This is a dangerous precedent, one that must be challenged and resisted.

It is time for the truth to be heard, and for the voices of reason to prevail. The anti-Zionist protest at Columbia University is not a mere clash of ideas, but a symptom of a larger problem that threatens the very fabric of our society. As conservatives, it is our duty to stand up against such misguided and dangerous ideologies, and defend the values that make our nation great.

In conclusion, the recent chaos at Columbia University is a wake-up call for all Americans. The rise of radicalism and intolerance on college campuses must be addressed, and the true motives behind these protests must be exposed.

As we continue to fight for truth and justice, let us not forget that the freedom to express our beliefs and engage in civil discourse is a cornerstone of our democracy, and we must never let it be silenced by those who seek to destroy it.

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  1. If any one fly a flag other than the USA American flag export then back their country Palestine or where ever this is my America I served in the us military to serve protect an serve .if they are going to live here in smervmvia then except American law sn cultcher

  2. Even if they committed crimes and WERE arrested, there would be only a police station revolving door. Until crimes are met with correct punishment, expect them to increase. Right now, there are no repercussions for crossing the line.

    More importantly, we see the total breakdown of our educational system to teach students WHY a democracy works better than socialism or communism. Students are being taught that equal outcomes are better than equal opportunities. Equal outcomes are the rewards for people who do nothing and expect others to pick up the slack.

  3. When evil is allowed to grow unchecked, it will spread like wild fire. The collage admin has a responsibility to put the brakes on these situations. This is getting out of control.

  4. This is EXACTLY what Donald J. Trump is being charged with. The January 6 peaceful gathering turned to a riot by a few people.

  5. Enough of this kind of “peaceful” protests! Double standards seems to be all the rage these days, and it starts at the top! “Liberal = free pass, Conservative = prison. Equal justice needed for all. We need change, we need to return to God if we want to fix the mess we’re in!

  6. I have no problem with free speech and protesting but it should only be allowed on public property. Protesters should not be allowed to disrupt the lives of others (especially people who disagree with their message)while doing so.

  7. Why should we expect the Columbia faculty to stop this illegal activity on their campus when they themselves were the instructors in class who imbedded the lies about Israel in their students in the first place? Notice the knee-jerk reaction, the suddenness of their red hot anger at Israel. You don’t see this immediate anger to condemn Iran for its human rights violation, or China’s foul treatment of their own people, or Russia’s atrocities against their neighboring state, or even RUSSIA’S mass rape of German women at the end of WW2, or the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or any unfairness in this sad planet of ours. Let’s face it, when it comes to the Jews, the world is ready to immediately come down hard on Jews who know how to defend themselves.

  8. I react to your message above: “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. I wonder why you think you need to “moderate” my comment. Is there anything in my comment that alarms you? What controversy in what I wrote causes you to review it? Nothing at all, unless you are not impartial when it comes to Israel?


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