Warning Issued by Former Quantico Employee: Attempted Breach by Jordanian Nationals Could be a Dry Run for Terror Attack


In today's world, security is a top priority for many nations. The fear of a potential terror attack looms over every country, and the United States is no exception. However, a recent incident at the Quantico military base has raised concerns that the threat of an attack may be closer than we think. According to a former Quantico staffer, two Jordanian nationals attempted to breach the base, prompting fears of a potential dry run for a future terror attack.

The incident, which occurred at Quantico, Virginia, has sent shockwaves through the military community. It is reported that the two individuals in question were caught trying to enter the base with fake identification documents. While they were eventually apprehended, the question remains: was this just a failed attempt at entering the base, or was it a test run for something more sinister?

The former Quantico staffer, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes that this could be a dry run for a potential terror attack on the base. In an exclusive interview, the source revealed that the individuals in question were behaving suspiciously and did not have a valid reason for attempting to enter the base. This raised red flags for the employee, who immediately alerted authorities.

In light of this incident, the military is now on high alert and has stepped up security measures at Quantico. The base, which is home to the FBI's training academy and Marine Corps' officer candidate school, is no stranger to potential security threats. However, the recent incident has heightened concerns and highlighted the need for increased vigilance.

The source also expressed concern that this incident may not be an isolated one. They believe that there could be other individuals or groups attempting similar dry runs at various military bases in the country. The potential consequences of such an attack are unimaginable and could have far-reaching implications for national security.

The attempted breach at Quantico serves as a stark reminder that the threat of terrorism is ever-present and that no location is immune. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of current security protocols and the need for further training and preparedness. The former staffer urges authorities to take this incident seriously and take all necessary precautions to prevent any future attacks.

As investigations into the attempted breach continue, the military and law enforcement agencies are working closely to gather more information about the two individuals involved. Meanwhile, the public is reminded to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity that may pose a potential threat to national security.

In conclusion, the recent incident at Quantico has caused concern and sparked discussions about the possibility of a terror attack. The former Quantico staffer's warning serves as a wake-up call for authorities to be more proactive in preventing potential attacks. With heightened security measures in place, the hope is that such incidents can be prevented in the future, ensuring the safety and security of the nation.

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  1. Without a doubt, this was a “dry run”. We’ve go enough Palestinians and Jordanians in the U.S. to cause a major problem. We’re a little too welcoming to foreign nationals. We’ve got a few in Congress that need to be expelled from Congress and then expelled to their native country with provisions to not try to come back.


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